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Teen age modeling - Thomas Stockton California -planning on becoming actor near future. I have taken two years of visual and performing arts in middle school. My favorite film is the movie legion, my favorite actor is tom cruise from oblivion and favorite actress is Gage Golightly from Teen Wolf. I enjoy going to the beach, riding my bike around the neighborhood, and obviously playing video games. I believe its a good way to get normal peoples name out there so they can have a sh-0t.






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Welcome to Modelsjunction California models section is a FREE platform for Aspiring / Established Male Models & Photographers from Californian cities like Modesto, Long Beach, Napa, Santa Barbara, Sunnyvale, Oakland, Venice, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica .As we are receiving lot of enquires from advertisement agencies and film industry throughout the world , we have started International Models Section in our web site. If you are a male model from California, you can place your Photograph & Profile FREE of Charge. Create your online model portfolio with Models Junction. Now a days Modeling is considered as the stepping-stone for success in the Hollywood, & other Cine Industries worldwide. Modeling is certainly an art and as far as glamour and popularity are concerned it equals the resplendence and exquisiteness of the tinsel world .Unlike the artists of the tinsel world ,models are to a certain extent confined to the interior phantasmagoria of ramps ,catwalks or studios, though the current trends indicate otherwise. This is the only career where you sashaying means much more. Modeling today has become one of the most sought after career options for youngsters in Worldwide. This is one of the most thrilling as well as lucrative profession, it attracts males and females equally, though there was a time when females dominated the field. With the expansion of consumerism and media there has been a fabulous boost in the ad industry. This along with upsurge in fashion industry have made modeling an attractive career option. 


CA modeling : ( Photo Featured Models ) :


It has generated a large and continuing demand for fresh faces and personalities to launch and promote a variety of branded products or show a garment to its best advantage. If you are a male model join modelsjunction FREE of cost and free online photo sharing. If you are a California modeling agency or ad film maker and looking for California female models, California kid models, California teen models, California child models visit our Modeling resources guide. If you are looking for California Modeling agencies or California Model Coordinators visit our modeling resource guide .


Model Agencies, Casting and Creative Directors ? 

Models available for :If your are looking for models for Calendar, Catalog, Commercial, Conventions, Tradeshows, Corporate, Editorial, Fashion, Fine Art/Figure, Fitness, Glamour, Hair Models, Hand Models, Foot Models, Industrial, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Print, Shoe Models, Spokes Models, Stock photography, Swimsuit, TV/Video/Film, Website, Casual, Sport, Fitness, print, tv, movies, commercials, music videos, product promotion Portrait & Artistic Models place your requirement with us. If you are looking for Male Models in / from California , you can contact our male models and also can post  your requirement Free of charge.


     Top models from California :


vallejo models Antonio Cipres Vallejo California I like tennis, running, biking, swimming, eurobics, corriography (dance) hip hop, 60s, 70s, 80s, and now dance.


Twenty-nine palms Essence Parish WELL my favorite film i would have to say is the last song with miely cyrus its touching and really good it made me


Chico model Chico models Nate Im a libra. I love to travel & do lots of sight seeing. I love being outdoors doing anykind of outdoor activity. I am kind of a movie buff


hand pics Hand models - Reseda Joe My main interest now is in Hand Modeling. My experience include: Old Spice Guy Isaiah Mustafa Abso Lutely Productions , Get Shorty Delroy Lindo Dir. Barry Sonnenfeld


gabriel California models - Gabriel New male model in Vacaville, CA I have a great face for commercial modeling. I have an androgynous look which is a plus. I have a new look.


CA model Ventura Dominick I enjoy looking at models on magazines and catalogs. Show wise I watch americas next top model with my mom once in a while, I guess you can say that's were the inspiration comes from.


joseph Joseph Martin from Redlands, Ca. needs something to jumpstart his career. My goal is to be some type of announcer/anchor preferably sports


Oakland Frederick I have no experience in modeling. I have stage experience from performing on stage when I was a rapper. I'm mainly in the gym 4-6 days a week now.



Sammy Azarian from North Hollywood, California interested in this field which is a new face actor which wants to gain some experience I am a 19 year old, unexperienced model willing to prove my commitment and efforts in becoming what you are looking for. I just started college last year and I am taking my first Acting class currently as we speak


california baby Jonah Carrillo Sherman Oaks 1year old ready to show my spotlight.


Damariea, Hayward  : I deserve to be a model because, I have the drive to be on top. I decided that I want to dedicate my life to a world of competition and fashion. If there is one word to describe me it's, Ambitious.


sykes Barstow, Candace sykes :  Barstow Barstow child for modeling in California he loves to sing dances run play talk and talk and talk some more and loves music.


baca El Centro Cristian Baca :  El Centro One of my hobbies is to do excercise to have better health and play different sports. I love to watch romantic and action movies.


michael Nolan Michael Wogee from La Habra Heights, very out-going and lovable baby who has a great smile and is easy to work with


dominick Dominick Angrisani from Salinas seeking to be a teen model no experience willing to to what ever it takes!!!!!! my favorite actresses are Jessica alba, Jessica biel, mariska hargitay, and Eva Mendez.


ryan Fontana Rayan yousuffd : Fontana  model my pictures no experience.


ryan El Cajon  Ryan Gross I love playing beach volleyball, and just going to the beach to chill.


palo alto East Palo Alto Heriberto munoz : from East Palo Alto, California, - New inspire Model need a agency Listening to music. work a part time job and i am a full time student at palo Alto High school. 


nick San ramon, Nick cartago, from east bay, . when i was a teenager in the philippines, i did commercial for tv and it was fun.


kenneth Pleasanton Kenneth Mccurry : Pleasanton 
I have no experience in modeling, except i once went to an audition for an agency, and was called back, but i just didnt have the money to pay for it



Hesperia, CA  My name is Khad C. Frazier. I'm 24 years old. And, I'ma determined, confident type person. I see something I want I go after it and get it. If I put my mind to something I accomplish it and finish it. Im a hard worker and I enjoy modeling


paul Californian model Paul Marino jr
Los Banos is a city in Merced County. Californian 
model Paul


jorge Jorge Horna, Huntington Beach model California : Acted in Crossing Jordan Building Tenant NBC Studios, How I Met Your Mother Bus Boy 20th Century Fox Television, Blades of Glory Montreal Fan DreamWorks, Big Day Gardener Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sleeper Cell Funeral Mourner Blind Decker


ryan Yuba City model Ryan Uman - CA : I will sit down and watch any comedy or sports movie,and I occasionally will watch war movies or action movies. My favorite actor is Will Ferrel.


pasadena model

Anthony Beaty From Pasadena, California I have over 500 favorite films and actors lol. I'm into sports i love taking pictures and bein a comedian.



Palmdale model Jordan : Palmdale, From the place where Eugena Washington, America's Next Top Model living



Concord model Dennis : Concord, Contra Costa County, California. Acted in Stage Dramas and Stage shows.



Pasadena, Tyler Roby : Pasadena. The city were The Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant event held. 



Bangor, Billy : In Bangor, Butte county of CA



Latino, David Valenzuela : i really want to get into modeling



Date of Birth : 25-08-1982 
City : San Francisco 
State : CA 
Country : USA 
Weight : 190 
Height : 6' 4'' 

City : San Francisco

Todd Dieudonne

Date of Birth : 01-20-1982 
City : Los Angeles 
State : California 
Country : USA 
Weight : 150 
Height : 5' 11'' 

City : Los Angeles


James Schneider

Date of Birth : 26-03-1991 
City : Oceanside 
State : CA 
Country : USA 
Weight : 125 lbs 
Height : 5.10 
City : Oceanside

Robby Lee Sergent

Date of Birth : 10, 15,1982 
City : Oceanside, San Diego
State : CA
Country : USA 
Weight : 225 lbs 
Height : 6.3 

City : Oceanside, CA



Date of Birth : 9-24-91 
City : Watsonville 
State : California
Country : America 
Weight : 180 lbs
Height : 5.9 
City : Watsonville


Date of Birth : 08/5/06 
City : Stockton
State : California
Country : America
Weight : 20 Kgs
Height : 1' 2 "

City : Stockton


Cheri clark

Date of Birth : 8-13-1992 
City : Chico 
State : California 
Country : USA 
Weight : 119 lbs 
Height : 5.5 feet

City : Chico

Alex Lu

Date of Birth : 07/17/1991 
City : San Diego
State : CA
Country : USA
Weight : 107 lbs
Height : 5.6

City : San Diego


Dylan Hunter

Date of Birth : 09/02/1991
City : Oakland 
State : California 
Country : USA 
Weight : 1.35
Height : 5" 8 feet

City : Oakland

Andrew Martinez

Date of Birth : 01-28-1995
City : Chula Vista
State : California
Country : USA
Weight : 120
Height : 5" 5 feet

City : San Diego



Date of Birth : 1975
City : Bakersfield 
State : California
Country : USA
Weight : 70
Height : 5' 10" feet

City : Bakersfield

Felicia Trent

Date of Birth : 11/18/1985
City : Los Angeles
State : CA
Country : United States

Weight : 103
Height : 5' 6" feet

City : Bakersfield




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Ken looking for acting job, some of my favourite movies are : under siege, speed, bridge to terabithia, irobot, evan almighity, zathura, jurassic park. some of my favourite actors are: steven seagal, bruce willis, johnny depp, orlando bloom, will smith, mel gibson, annasophia robb. i think its a good site shouldnt change it.

John : Looking for modeling auditions calls from model agencies. I will become a top fashion model in US.

Matt from California - new face actor need agent, I live with my mom and sister. I got one dog, a cat, and birds. I have always wanted to become a actor or someone that is on t.v.. So i hope that this website can help make my dream come true. I would like to be in a soap opera .... at least one of them because they are always making new ones everyday. I really want to be in a movie, I know I will be able to do a good job and I am now about to start taking acting classes so I know that I will do great I just need some help on getting on my way. I was in the play and my instructor said that i did even better than the main actors. I was in the Variety show at my school. I love to out with my friends and family. I like to go to theme parks with friends and family. The computer is my best friend because i am always on it. My mom is the best thing in the world and she has always wanted me to be a actor because she said that I am really good at it..... but she is not the only one who said that like alot of my friends and teachers and just alot of people said that i should do it because its some thing i really like to do. So i hope that this website will help me with my biggest dream.


AL I am old and going into . I have been interested in modeling for a while now. I play sports and I am very outgoing I love bike and riding. I don't have modeling experience but I would love to learn. I am very photogenic also.

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Models Junction - California Section is exclusively for California Models living in CA cities like Berkeley, Beverly Hills, Camarillo, Fontana, Hayward, Huntington Beach. Designers, modeling agencies, model coordinators and photographers and other people related to modeling industry can also join. Get instant access into the world of modeling, fashion, photography, make-up, health and free online photo sharing. If your are looking for models for Calendar, Catalog, Commercial, Conventions, Tradeshows, Corporate, Editorial, Fashion, Fine Art/Figure, Fitness, Glamour, Hair Models, Hand Models, Foot Models, Industrial, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Print, Shoe Models, Spokes Models, Stock photography, Swimsuit, TV/Video/Film, Website, Casual, Sport, Fitness, print, tv, movies, commercials, music videos, product promotion, Portrait & Artistic Models place your requirement with us. Looking for India next top model, preteen model, swimsuit model, fashion model, male model, model based, reasoning, bikini model, sexy model, young model, top model, adult model, female model, import model, child model, hot model, lingerie model, asian model, American next top model, glamour model, black model, fitness model, girl model, pre teen model, india top model, model pic post your requirement with us.


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Personality Traits / Physical Attributes for Female Models, Kid Models, Child Models : Facial beauty is not necessary but clear skin, good and healthy complexion, and lustrous hair are necessary; height for females should preferably about 5 feet 6 inches or more, for male models height should be about 6 feet; slim, well proportioned body; good posture, a strong feeling for clothes and the moods which go with them; some acting talent; a flair for fashion trends, i.e., always ahead with the latest hairdo and makeup. Aspiring models must possess presence of mind, infinite patience and ability to keep smiling and remain calm while appearing interested in boring and tiring work schedule and disciplined lifestyle.


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. Pictures, Wallpapers, Agencies for female models, girls, boys, children and teen in Russia, Russian models



Bend, Oregon Devon park
Model in Bend, Oregon Hey Everyone! I am looking to collaborate with Calgary photographers to build my portfolio with TF work. I am just starting out, but excited for new challenges and opportunities


kosova model

Kosova, Rimmyx
Kosova models wanted ? Im Rimmy from Kosova, skenderaj, I live here with my family would like to visit different countries, free time I'm with friends.


Kgosana Boikanyo from Rustenburg in the North-West Province new face model casting directors needs a model my love for modelling is basically driven by PASSION ! i love watching the reality TV show


Brazil, Joel : Brasilia Distrito Federal Brazil. 


Karleion from Tampa, Florida- Child, Cutest boy around looking for modeling says that he's dream is to be on t.v


Romanian model agencies : We are a modeling and artistic management agency located in Bucharest -RomaniaOur agency was created with the intention of creating a platform for the Romanian top models as to showcase their fresh, raw talents to the worldwide fashion industry


Aleksandrs Isats

Dublin, Ireland model.  english, russian, latvian model available for modelling Student


Singapore Mohit Paphos model munish Miami model Dennis Matthew Thian



Featured Modeling Agency :


A Photographer from Warren New Jersey looking for Activewear / Swimwear models


DZFashion - Italian Milan model agency 
SGP srl Via Paracelso, 6 20129 Milano
Milan Italy - 20129
Phone : +39 02.20480364 & +39 02.20480861 
DZFashion is born from the experience of photographic agency's that, after years of collaboration with journalistic heads, has perceived the necessity to use one procedure whereby, all event requirements (including models), are sourced and provided, effectively to suit the occasion. We satisfy the requirements of speed, competence and comfort of promoter's, designers and new to the market concepts. DZFashion has become an express and effective method of consultation for all events, VIP, and product launches. Our market has been high end fashion. We are now moving into the teen market, driving hard for new line releases in the US, UK, Canada and Asia Pacific markets. We are actively on the lookout for new unsigned teen talent to fuel this growth.
Area : Catalog | Commercial | Conventions | Tradeshows | Corporate | Editorial | Glamour | Swimsuit | Print| Casual


Looking for models and Modeling photographers : Chicago, United Sates of America
Karen B. Imagination 2 Expo/Convention Imagination Expo : Some Where In Time The Imagination Expo will be held in the Chicago area at: The Wyndham Drake 2301 York Road Oak Brook, Illinois 60523 United States 


We are photo models agency "NICE" from Europe. Our address : Pulkvezha Briezha str.6,Riga,Latvia,LV1010 Mobile: +3718755515 Fax: +3717336039


CAPE London Models
We are a relatively new agency but have built a leading international male board in London.
9 The Sydney Building, 81-83 Southgate Road, London, N1 3JS TEL: +44 (0) 207 288 0888, FAX: +44 (0) 207 226 9325


CLAIRE Model & Talent : CLAIRE Model & Talent, New York & Chicago Long Beach, New York 11561 :  Phone : 516-897-3703 . Is a full-service, national Model & Talent company representing men, women, and children throughout the USA. Claire Model & Talent,NY is primarily involved in providing models, actors, musicians and entertainers for the film, television, radio, fashion, advertising, tradeshow, promotion, and special event industries. Our information is as follows :


Fred Held looking for Female Models : Location : Burbank, California : Must have a fabulous face that has an Italian look with dark hair. The model will be featured on their website. Model must look between 25 and 30 years old.



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