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Kochadaiyaan Rajinikanth next - 3D film release in august 2012



Kochadaiyaan Rajinikanth next - 3D film release in august 2012

Posted by :  Venkatesh , 


Kochadaiyaan rajinikanth next film a 3D movie Kochadaiyaan - rajini stills

Superstar Rajinikanth next film details officially announced.
His next film is Kochadaiyaan , Rajnikanth's daughter Soundarya Ashwin to direct the film.

Kochadaiyaan is name of a King and one of the names of Lord Shiva.

This film is not a regular one, Kochadaiyan will be a 3D film using motion capturing technique.

Director KS Ravikumar to write story, dialogues, screenplay and also to supervise the direction of Soundarya aswin.

Eros International and Media one Global Entertainment to produce the movie Kochadaiyaan , the film would release in the month of August 2012.

Rana will be started after the release of Kochadaiyan

KS Ravikumar confirmed that this film is not 'Sultan The Warrior' . this is new script and new film.

Thalaivar kalaka pooraar.

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thalaivar is always best and top

kochadiyan will be mega hit 


By : Vikram    chennai



what about sultan the warrior. !!!!!!!!

it was announced in 2007 / 2008 but not reached the theatres till date. is producing a 3D film in India a viable one. ? ??

any how, i too rajni fan. so , like to see this movie


By : Saminathan    Kumbakonam



thalaivar is always a great actor and superstar of India.

even gujarati film star is interested to remake a rajinikanth movie in Gujarati.

Gollywood film star Hitu Kanodia son of Naresh Kanodia if a great fan of superstar rajini and ulaganayagan kamal hassan.

he is very much interested to act in a rajnikanth film remake in gujarati.

this shows how superstar dominate the whole indian film audience and even other language super stars.


By : Fan of thalaivar    



Kochadaiyaan is a film about a pandya king kochadayaan maara varman. there is a place in madurai city limit named kochadai. the place name kochadai came after the kochadaiyaan.

as i read, the film is about a pandyan king who ruled in 700 ad and who controlled the ares upto maharashtram from madurai. so i am very much happy about seeing a pandya king in film as i am from madurai.

rajnikanth will be the right choice to do the role.

kochadiyaan have to release as per the schedule in august 2012 and should not delayed like sultan the warrior 


By : Maduraiyaan    



Sneha to play younger sister role to Rajinikanth in Kochadaiyaan movie. anushka shetty or some bollywood actress will do the heroine role.


By : Vimal    



rajinikanth is a mantra for all... i think this film will going to rockzzzzzzz the bollywood industry..... 


By :     



Aishwarya rai delivered a girl baby and her photos is the most searched by newspapers journalist and website fans.

aishwarya rai to do a hindi film after taking some rest. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is the director. but namaku athu ellam mukkiyam illai . before that hindi movie aishwarya rai bachchan to do a tamil film ? and it is Kochadaiyaan movie . she is going to do a cameo role.

Soundarya ashwin to approach her soon, that is the latest news about kochadiyaan.

anushka and asin are the front runners for the female lead lady role.

sneha is playing sister role. so, nothing to say more about that.

i like amala paul to play the lead lady role.


By : Raju    coimabtore tn india



Asin or Anushka can be heroine to rajinikanth, at the same time bollywood angel aishwarya rai to play in kochadaiyaan.

ulaga azhaghi marupadiyum thalaivar padathil. that's thalaivar.

Sneha already in the star cast.

now, the latest news is malluwood superstar Prithviraj to play a role in the film. may be sneha's husband role ? or rajinikanth's friend character ? just a guess or any King role ?.



By : Vikram    Coimbatore Tamil nadu



chances are becoming very bright for asin to play the lead heroine role in kochadiyan as asin expressed her wish to act with superstar rajinikanth in kochadaiyan.

anushka shetty and vidya balan are the 2 other heroines who are under consideration.

asin gone to bollywood and acted in two films, ghajini and ready, now her houseful 2 with akshay kumar is getting ready for the release. 


By : Kochadiyaan tamil movie    



rajinikanth told his support to anna hazare , he told it through mobile phone while anna was in chennai airport.



By : ramesh..............    tamil nadu



in kochadaiyan movie, rajeev menon would be the cameraman 


By : ramesh..............    tamil nadu



Heard that actor Prithviraj is also a part of the great movie. If its true then really good. Looking forward to see him in Kochadiyan with the great star Rajanikanth. 


By : raj    Kochi,Kerala, India



what is the latest news about this movie, at what stage the film production is ?

when the pooja will be held ? 


By : Rajaseakar K    India



i want photos, please post it 


By : Rajaseakar K    India



here is the kochadaiyaan movie stills and posters released latest


By : Kochadaiyaan movie stills posters of rajinikanth    



who is kochadaiyan ranadhiran ? he is a king of pandyas or any other ? 


By : kochadaiyan ranadhiran    



any audition for tamil films we have lot of models talent artist contact us 


By : SANGEETHAABALAN    chennai tn india



deepika paudkone to play the heroine role in kochadaiyaan movie.

I am out of station and not watching the film news ,,, anyone can give me the details of the stills of kochadaiyaan movie posters 


By : S Vivek    Tanjore



Vasanthabalan's Aravan film gave good name to actor Aadhi for his acting talent, it was a period film . to the surprise his next film is also a period film . eventhough he is not the main hero of the film, he is playing an important role in the movie, guess ? right, it is kochadiyaan movie.

recently aadhi gone to london for the kochadaiyaan movie shoot which was taken in motion capturing technology.

aadhi has been selected for the role mainly because of his 6.2 height and his acting talent. due to some visa problems his trip was delayed.

In the meantime there is a news that soundarya ashwin settled the L 0ss for the distributors of her GOA movie to avoid any future problem in the time of kochadaiyaan release.



By :     



Sivaji film directed by shankar is now in 3D FORMAT. the 2D film has been converted into 3D and the screening held at the prasad lab M Saravanan, MS Guhan, SP Muthuraman, and others attended the new screening.

as per the sources the film sivaji looking great in the 3 Dimension format and especially the rajini tossing the 1 rupee coin.



By : Sivaji in 3D format    




Topic about :  Kochadaiyaan a name of lord shiva rajini to act in a 3D movie for the first time with motion capturing technique Soundarya Ashwin Rajinikanth to direct and the film not sultan the warrior

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