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Amala paul looking like Priyanka chopra / Deepika padukone



Amala paul looking like Priyanka chopra / Deepika padukone

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Amala Paul photoshoot she is looking like priyanka chopra and deepika padukone

Actress Amala paul recently did a photoshoto for the JFW magazine, the photos are out now, after seeing the photos i thought amala paul is looking like bollywood actress Priyanka chopra in some photos and in some other pics she is looking like Deepika padukone, I don't know who is the photographer who took these photos, but for sure really great. These photos are really giving a new look to the Mynaa girl.

What do you think , whether she is looking like Priyanka chopra or Deepika Padukone ?

As per a latest news Nayanthara sent an S.M.S to Amala paul praising her that she is looking like Priyanka.

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amala is looking like priyanka only in this photo.

i am her fan after watching Mynaa and Deiva thirumagal. amala paul , please don't do movies like sindhu samaveli. You are having heights to go... you will become a top actress soon. 


By : Ravi    TN



wow, beautiful amala paul. i like her.

Amala looking a bollywood actress, she should also try for chances in bollywood.

i read nayanthara praised amala paul for the quick image change. i too praise her for the same. 


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Amala paul in half saree thaavani

Actress Amala paul in half saree thaavani picture 


By : Amala paul pictures    



Amala paul close up pic - face

Amala paul close up face pic.



By : Amala paul stills    



Amala paul stills

Stills of amala paul


By : Amala paul pics    



Smiling amala paul pics

Beautiful smiling amala paul picture 


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T shirt amala paul south indian actress who acting in tamil, telugu movies

a new look of amala paul in T shirt 


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beautiful and good looking amala.

even now i can't understand how she accpeted to do the role in sindhu samaveli.

she should do roles like mynaa and deiva thirumagal.

hope her telugu entry will give some good movies their in telugu too.

amala my suggestion is, please try to do roles wchih are good and long lasting. because you are looking so good , you will be in the minds of people for a very long time, so analyze your character before singing on the dotted line.

She should do more tamil films.



By : Venkat    



amala paul going to USA for the film shooting of Muppozhudhum Un Karpanaigal tamil film . murali son adharva is hero.

amala paul birthday is october 26, last diwali her mynaa released , this year she celebrated her birthday.

amala paul playing with sameera reddy in vettai film.

she is also doing teluug films with Naga Chaitanya and Siddharth 


By : Kumar    



the reason for amala paul looking like priyanka chopra is simple. i read in an interview of priyanka chopra that her mother and maternal relatives are belongs to kerala. yes, malaylee.

so, it is nothing to wonder why amala looking like priyanka. it's all because they are malaylees.



By : RAM    



news coming out that amala paul and director vijay is in love and he presented her a half crore flat near chennai !!!! but have to wait for further news about this love



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Young actress Amala Paul is proud to be part of Run Baby Run malayalam movie, the film is successfully running in the box office, and most of the other language directors / producers interested to remake the movie in their language. Amala Paul and Mohanlal chemistry worked well in the screen and appreaciated by all. There is a big age difference between Mohanlal and Amala Paul. But , she is happy for the chance to act with Mohanlal. After the success of Run Baby Run she is getting lot of offers in Malayalam, but Amala paul can't accept those offers as she is busy in Tamil and Telugu films. She would return to Malayalam by next year.


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the above posted photos of amala paul cleary shows the change over the actress. awesome 


By : Passion for fashion    



am not actually a fan to chopra, and i don't think she is a good actor, but she really did a good job in her role, i really loved it, particularly in the scenes when they spend time alone, thats really nice. 


By : siva    chennai




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