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Kamal hassan's next movie Vishvaroobam



Kamal hassan's next movie Vishvaroobam

Posted by :  Kamal rasigan , Madurai


Kamal hassan's next film is with director Selvaraghavan.

The film title could be most probably Vishvaroobam.

Sonakshi Sinha, debuts into tamil. the film to start it's filming process from April 3rd week. after TN elections

more details of the film Vishvaroobam yet to come

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per ellam nalla thaan vekiraanga, padam thaan ......... 





KAMAL VISHWAROOBAM eduka poraar ? 


By : Jothi    VELLORE



news says, kamal hassan to bring in shankar mahadevan to compose music for viswaroobham.

i don't know why he avoiding harris jayaraj and ar rahman.



By : S Venugopal    KERALA



hey like shankar madevan voice and his songs, but not very much a fan of his music compositions.

kamal hassan should re think 


By : Prakash K    Karnataka



dasavatharam paarthaachu

ippo Viswaroopam kaana aavalaga irukirome.

selvaraghvan is a professional director. only one thing, no other actor should interfere in his direction. if it so, then Viswaroopam will be a great movie to watch 


By : Sweta    kerala





By : 6B2    



Kamal selected a good title

i am not know about sonakshi sinha, but i like either anushka, or hansika playing the role 


By : Raju    chennai



selva busy finishing his long going project Erandam Ulagam before starting viswaroobam with kamal hassan.

so, we can expect a movie from selvragahavan and dhansuh combo soon on theatres.

when other heroes are trying to give 1 success movie. dhanush giving different diferent stories and success 


By : Raja    Bangalore



you can expect the audio of erandam ulagam by june end and film release by july end 


By : Ravi S    CHENNAI



whether Vishwaroobham team gone to US or not ? 


By : ram    tn



a tamil magazine says kamal hassan's viswaroobam film has been dropped and kamal to do a remake of malayalam movie traffic in tamil which will directed by rajkamal a newcomer and produced by rajkamal films 


By : Ungal Nanban    iNDIA



it is more or less confirmed, selva is out of the project, kamal himself to direct Viswaroopam 


By : Ajay K    Chennai



reason : difference of opinion.

first it was myskkin

now selvraghavan 


By : Ajay K    Chennai



Kamal is good screenwriter and director, i hope he will handle Viswaroopam screenplay better than anyone else 


By : Sarath Babu    Madurai Tamilnadu



Sonakshi Sinha worried as viswaroobam movie not yet started.

sonakshi looking good and beautiful, why she not tried to enter kollywood through a film with young stars ? 


By :     



Viswaroopam to be directed by kamal hassan himself after sevlaraghavan is walk out.

selva sir, when erandam ulagam going to release ? 


By : Raj    chennai



Sonakshi sinha was the first girl whom said to do the role opposite kamal hassan in viswaroopam movie.

but she opted out of the project due to sanjay leela bhansali's movie rowdy rathod.

then came deepika padukone name, but she also refused the news, as she is going to do rana with rajnikanth.

now sameera reddy seems to be the heroine to kamal in the upcoming film viswaroopam. 


By : Kannan    



chinna ponnuga vayasaana hero ? enna combination ?



By : R R    



anushka shetty name is in round today. if it so, then this will be a good pair.

anushka shetty acting in devia thirumagal clearly shows how good actress she is , i think she is like simran + jothika who can show glamour as well as give acting.

viswaroopam shooting to start today 


By : Radha krishnan    india








Akshara hassan joined as assistant director in kamal's 'Viswaroopam' , she already worked as Assistant to a bollywood director.

earlier news came out that akshara going to act in mani ratnam film, but now she joined as A director.



By : V    



Kamal viswaroopam andrea to play opposite

Andrea to play opposite kamal hassan in Viswaroopam film. i read, that they gave advance too..

i think it will be a good pair.

Amy jackson, shriya, bollywood actresses sonakshi sinha and others were considered but now settled with andrea.

Waiting to know more aout Viswaroopam 


By : Jagan    Mumbai



Kamal hassan finished his shooting in United States of America and he is now getting ready to go to jordan for the 2nd schedule. after this there are some scenes to be shoot in chennai after that ,, only release. very fast kamal hassan 


By : RR    




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