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Indian girls from which state is beautiful and hot in Indian movies ?


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Indian girls from which state is beautiful and hot in Indian movies ?

Posted by :  vinodh , india


Hi friends,

i started this thread just to know about Indian girls from various states, which state girls are beautiful and hot in Indian mvoies like hindi, tamil, telugu, malayalam, kannada, marathi, bhojpuri, gujrathi, rajasthani, oriya, bengali etc., etc.,

just share your favourite girls and i request you to use decent words while telling your opinion.

i am tamilian, but i like malayalee girls like Asin, nayanthara, Gopika in tamil films rather than tamil girl trisha and others

whom you support

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i like bengali girls like bipasua basu, reema sen , they are dusky beauties 


By : raghu    bangalore, karnataka



i like bengali girls like simran, charmi they are sexy too 


By : kuresh    hyderabad - andhra pradesh



kerala girls, they are looking beautiful. i like gopika and nayantara. both are different in their color, but both of them are beautiful ! malaylee girls are always better than any others. next to them are punjabi girls like Simran, kiran, charmee etc., 


By : nagendran    tanjore



i don't from which states these actress, but i like them,
i list them :

aishwayra rai
bipasha basu
nanditha das
rani mukherjee in hindi films

divya in kannada

trisha, charmi, anushka in other south indian films so i think evey state having something special 


By : ganesh nanda    belgaum





By : m    dehli



obviously from karnatake........becoz kurdu girls in karnataka are beutiful 


By : shafeek  



This is not the matter that which state has the most charming girls, what matters is that which state is developed enough to facilitate girls with good looks and behaviour( both economically as well as socially). State like Maharashtra and Delhi have high profile families and so in turn pretty good looking girls. 


By : Ady    India



tamil girls are beautiful



By : R vadivelu    madurai, tamilnadu



vadivelu kanna,
nee entha ulagathil iruka.

radha and ambika belongs to kerala, not tamil girls ( ! ) trisha is only the tamil girl and revathi, she is not a girl now ( !) she is more nearly 50 years old 


By : nazar k    nagapattinam



i don't know whether there is any kashmiri girls in bollywood but they are beautiful 


By : raj    mumbai



andhra girls are sexy 


By : srikanth    ap hyderabad india



I defenitley agree with what you said beacuse girls from kerala are really gorgeous and they carry themselves very well. I have even noticed that, when i was studying in kerala. As far as my perception goes, actresses in malayalam film industry know what they are doing and how much work they should do to keep their status intact.



By : Abhilash Abraham    Pune, Maharashtra, India.



Andhra girls are evn sexy n gorgeous than any other girls,,,,,
some exceptional to Kerla kuttiessssss toooooo 


By : vijay    Hyderabad,AP,INDIA



I think the west part girls for hindi films are more beautiful and hot.
Eg:- Bipasha Basu.


By : Vicky  



Hi........ I am a Maharatrian, but like the girls from Bengali like Bepasha Basu, Koina Mitra etc........ 


By : raiyan ibrahim    Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, India



i am in rajkot, but a malaylee, i always loves malayalee beauties, they are beautiful ! malayalee girls are in variety

gopika, nayanthara, asin, meera jasmine, kavya madhavan there size and color are different. they are the best in acting too.. 


By : Gangadharan R    Rajkot, Gujarat





By : MOSLAHUDDIN    kuwait





By : MOSLAHUDDIN    kuwait





By : nmhcjddjkmnks    kuwait



about indian beautiful girls 


By : sudarsanareddy    india



only tamil actress are good n homely and much hot


By : lokesh    tamil nadu



I like Malayali lady actresses..
They are excellent without make up.
Gopika, Nayanathara, Asin, Priyamani are excellent.
However actress like Bharathi, is also equally excellent with natural beauty with very beautiful face, eyes, Nose, lips, teeth, etc. My vote is for my dear Bharathi. 


By :     





By : DD    



Punjabi Girls are the most beautiful like Priyanka Chopra,Juhi CHawla,Kareena Kapoor...........Punjab Rules 


By : Vijay  



Dear Vinodh,
Really its a nice topic to discuss.
But one thing you will have to except that Bengali gals the dominate Bollywood, rt from Munmun Sen,Sharmila Tagore,Sushmita sen,Rima Sen-Riya Sen, to Bipasha Basu every Bengali gal rock the film industry.
Their face cutting, figure and voice all are god gifted,rt?

So i would love to say that Bengali gals rules film industry in India....... 


By : AMRIT JHA    Mumbai



sometimes it is difficult to correctly answer this peculiar question. However I have something to type here. Lady actors like Trisha, Bharathi, Asin, Shreya got very sparkling eyes. Similarly Namitha, Nayanatara, Sandhya, Priyamani got tempting Noses. Their Noses bring a lot of excitement and particularly Namitha and Sandhya. Sandhya got a little big nose but wonderful Similarly if you closely watch the Nose of kannada actress Aswini Nachappa, it is a little bigger than others but her nose with nose-stud is simply excellent. Now the Nose of Devayani with her nose-stud is also excellent. Yesteryear Hindi actresses like Mumtaz & Sharmila Tagore raised to the top only because of their appealing Nose and sparkling eyes.

By Amirthavalli/Soundaravalli sisters of Madurai. 


By : Amirthavalli    Madurai, Tamilnadu, South India



of course ur statement is correct also im a girl u know? i like north indians gens cos basically theyare vrysmart also northindian s ladies i love north indians1 ``` tats all bye bye take care also im a north indian im pretty too....


By : nadha    singapore



Punjabi women ( priyanka chopra, Juhi Chawla, Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor). Hindu women are also very good looking(Practically almost all the ladies from Bollywood), also are women from karanataka(Deepika Padukone and Aishwarya Rai). 


By : Karan Singh    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



How come some of the other people who wrote a comment says view profile under their name, and when some of the other people wrote it, it does not say anything? 


By : Karan    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India



Hi karan,

if you are seeing the "view my profile" , it means their membership has been activated and the member gave his username when he replied in this thread. 


By : Film fan - Moderator    



I like only North indian girls.But my favourite ANUSHKA,MALIKA,SRIDEVI,SADA 


By : Billa    madurai



Bengali girls are the hottest female actors till date.For example Bipasa Basu... 


By : Rahul Ranjan    Delhi,Delhi, India



Hi Vinodh,

Do u think Hemamalini, SriDevi, Madhubala are not beautiful. Hemamalini has been the dream girl of bollywood for years. Its not that tamil girls are not beautiful but mostly tamil beautiful girls doesn't prefer the cine career thats why mostly tamil movies are dominated by mallus and north Indians.



By : Dilip  

 Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, India


Good boss, u told the truth that u like malayalee girlz, but i like tamil girlz first and punjabi girls are the runners up. but for me north indian girls look great than the south. but north indians are crazy about south indian girlz in Chennai and Bangalore.

The reason for liking tamil girlz: They will be virgin when I marry. They will be modest in thier dress, grooming, and thier relationship outside marriage. So, there will be a safe, steady, and wonderful married life. Values in tamil familes are very high and they respect values.

Always try to see the other side. 


By : jack    Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India to look like a star 


By : justin4450    





By : tarekanwar1    arab suasi



i wanna be work in bollywood. 


By : pradeep    Ghaziabad,U.P India





By : billu_singh 3725@    ludhiana punjab india








I thing West bengal is the most popular Bollywood actresses area. 


By : Sumit Ghosh    Chzndznnzgore,West Bebgal,India





By : dinakar    ahmedabad



Well Indian girls from all states are beautiful, whether it be Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Goa, or Kerala! 


By : john    Bangalore, India



yellarigu namaskara,


By : MadhuLalitha    Bangalore, Karnataka & India



yellarigu namaskara,
Nanna hesaru madhusudhan, naanu kannadiganendhu hemmeindha helikollutthene, kaarana kannadave nanna thaayi, nanna usiru, ee namma karnatakadhalli nelesiruva marati hudugi andhare nanna baala sangaathi maathra nanage achchu mechchu, bere natiyarigintha thumba chennagiddhale, i love u lalitha.  


By : MadhuLalitha    Bangalore, Karnataka & India



yaar , i dont know exactly but i think south indian girls look good in saaree 


By : rakesh    india



Girls r always beautifl. Try to make ur eye beautiful. 


By : avaya    doha Qatar



Kannadha models and actors, The girl that acted in Om Shanthi I think her name is Deepika, She looks very pretty and she is not overrated, Aishwarya Rai is still beautiful, Shilpa Shetty is smart and beautiful, Freida Pinto the newest and lucky girl but everyone finds her very pretty in America, I think she's ok! The girl who acted in Nan Kadhaval (pooja) seems very talented and cute. I'm Telgu and I don't think the telgu faces tamil faces looks elegant and beautiful as the kannadha girls. I'm sorry, but there are beautiful girls in every state in India. It's just now we are seeing alot of new Kannadha faces in bollywood and south indian films. I find that Telgu girls like me have a very long nose and are overrated, it's just that we are taller. Trisha is not beautiful, I think its just confidence that pulls it togeher. Madhuri Dixit, Kajol, Rani Mukerji and Manisha and Kushboo these women where so overrated in beauty I'm not talking about talent. Speaking about the Malyale girls I don't find anyone pretty or talented they just look like girls next door. Nayathara has jiggle skin and overacts, Meera jasmine looks plain nothing great and the other's the same. The only one that is cute is Asin. Anyway that's my opinion! 


By : zeta    USA



trisha is a keralite brahmin frm palaghat. nayantara,meera jasmine,meena,asin,sandhya,gopika,bhavna,priyamani,mamta,trisha,revathy,shobhana,urvashi all these are pretty mallus 


By : ANJU    kerala



All know dat across india among girls bengalis grls looks best and among boys punjabi boys looks best its a fact. West bengal hav high both quatity and quality of grl and punjab to good quality of boys ......bengali boys looks fair n cute but not so manly lik punjabi boys .......n for grls i have nothing to say all across india know West Bengal is the main place for bright complexioned good looking good figured girls so no doubt bengali girl 100% they have style attitude n kolkata is gr8. so bengali grl no 1 


By : sukanya    Kolkata West Bengal



Bengali girls no doubt 


By : payal    Delhi



100% BEngali girls looks the best i had visited kolkata durring the durga pujas my god the grls looked sooooooooooo great and frindly west bengali has many cute chinese girls also well but the vote goes to bengali girls they are also very friendly and dont show ne attitude at all 


By : abhisek    mumbai



south indian girls not, while bengali girls are just perfect so bengali girls obvioulsy 


By : MILEY    denver USA



Bengali girls looks the best obviously all knows that 


By : abhisek    india



hai i am malayali i like telugu  


By : shaji    india(kerala)





By : anoop    kunjathoor,karnataka,india



i am stedent iam twety years i have been finished high secondry school ihave not merried yet i am sigle i would like merry idian girls ilove verry much now i leave in mogadishu but if iwant to girl freinds and stay in mogadishu howcan possible meet or cotacts them

i love indian girls please iam waiying you for answer


By : Hassan    somalia mogadidhu



According to the survey,90percent of the beautiful girls are concentrated in north & west india.There are very rare beautiful girls in eastern india & southern india.If ther a beautiful girls in eastern part then it would be mostly bengalis & in south india,it would be Coorgis,South Kanarians or the Iyers/Iyangars in
south eastern coast.In northern india,most of the beauties are found in Delhi,Punjab,Kashmir,Himachal Pradesh,Haryana & also UP.In west India,the majority are the girls from Rajput clans of rajasthans,Gujaratis & even Marathis.
North India:(48%)

West India(37%)

East India(5%)

South India(10%)
South Kanarians
Iyers/Iyangars of south eastern Coast 


By : pavan    magalore,karnataka



.....Even I like Mallu/Tamil actress.. but Kajol ennaku rombha pudikum...Kajol acts well! 


By : sun0707    Chennai



i like only punjabi girls 


By : VICKY    ludhiana,punjab,india



hi there 


By : omer    kuwait





By : Arvind Bhimsing Rathod    pusad



i want indan sexy giral clip 


By : Arvind Bhimsing Rathod    pusad



andhra state 


By : S.K.PATEL    



hi AMRIT JHA. Im sorry to say not only if you are talking about bengali actress rules industry but also south indian actress too rule bollywood industry but in mamimum.
sridevi,hema malini,vaijanti mala,meenakshi sheshadri,vidya balan,asin, and yes see amrita arora and malaika arora who are born to malayalee mom. 


By : reena    india



Only chat with smart & beautifuk girl chat  


By : Ashok    Gujarat



As i am a traveler...i have wonderd beautiness of indian girls in all the part...but however one with most traditional look and attraction goes to girls who belongs to kerela and Tamilnadu...they are unbeatable when they expose their beautiness with the Art.....but not all ! 


By : ArunBabu    canada



Priyamani, Nayanatara, Asin, Gopika, Bhavana are excellent in their beauty. All these malayali ladsies are naturally beautiful without make up.
Tamil Trisha is simply beautiful only in make up and in jeans.
Thanks for the patience in going thro this.


By : ranganayaki    Puducherry, UT, India





By : ganesh    tamilnadu



hai friend!
hope u havin a good time ther.and now comin 2 d topic that what u said s exactly not so. only less number of people lik those keralites shining in india's 2nd largest film industry(tamil,kollywood).u people jus look at their glamorous roles they perform.but thats not a criteria to say who s beautiful.u hav compared our gals lik trisha,sneha with those malayalis.dis s not who among them has attained their goals?jus think a moment.its trisha who has a large pool of fans not only in and around tamilnadu but in the whole world(bcos a recent study portrayed that tamil film industry (i.e)kollywood s gainin much fans from all over the world next to hindi and english.isnt that sounds interesting and proud? .am not a tamilian a urdu speakin muslim.but still i love tamilians.its not jus bcos i live hear.but its the fact that all people here are very kind and generous compared to others livin in india.u may think that this point doesnt add value to the topic.but this has some relation which s actually true.trisha who s a tamil iyer is spendin nearly half a crore quarterly along with actor surya to bring a new lif to all cancer patients.she does this from the money that she earns in kollywoood and bollywood(recently).this proves that she s really a true and living angel for all the tamilians.but those keralites(asin,nayanthara....)not even spendin a penny for others sake.they want to have money which they earn in kollywood,bollywood,so and this a fair point to argue friend?so don give up our tamilians at any cost.though am a muslim and urdu speakin person,i hav much passion bout tamil and tamilnadu.i will and i have to say atlast that tamilians and tamil are the greatest and greatest of all. 


By : chotu    erode,tamilnadu,india.




Tall, fair, doe-ey beautifulbig eyes, friendly.

Lovely patyalla salwaar! 


By : Don    



It is true that malayalam actress like asin and nayantara are hot in tamil.however u cant say that trisha is far behind them.
infact , ifind trisha the most beautiful actress after bhavana. 


By : RAHUL    india ,maharashtra , mumbai



Girls from west UP, Haryana,Delhi,Punjab and Kashmir are the most beautiful in India...Reason- most of the people in this reason are of same origin or race..... 


By : hulalla    Amrika





By :     



Bengali girls are the most cute in India...... They are simple as well... And the language they speak is sweet too......  


By : Bi    Bangalore



I'll vote on the number of have seen in different major languages, and the language with less number of ,I have seen, will be considered as the language which has the most beautiful girls
Hindi: Out of 10 girls 5
Tamil: Out of 10 girls 9
Telugu: Out of 10 girls 6
Kannada: Out of 10 girls 7
Malayalam: Out of 10 girls 1

Therefore Kerala (Malayalam) wins, since it has less number of so keralites are the beautifull

Note: I am not a Malayali, I have judged this on my mere observation...


By : Ronald    Karnataka



Guys, I agree u can find beautiful girls anywhere in India or world. But have u seen common women folk in all states. From my close observation I found girls from hilly areas to be more beautiful, not only cuz they are fair but they have good figure too. In particular Shimla and Chandigarh do have good lot of beautiful girls, or say common beautiful girls. And wat appears is that, himachali, kashmiri and punjabi girls are beautiful( the edge is natural fair complexion).

P.S. - take a round of ridge, mall road or sanjauli u will find the most beautiful girls.. And I have heard girls in NE are also beautiful, though need to explore 


By : kavinder negi    Shimla








in my view kerlian girls r most beautiful except in the fairness point of view.bengali girls r followed by kerlians but r more fair.i had seen some kashmiri girls, they r also very much beautiful.  


By : ramakant    durgapur,west bengal,india





By : KK    c



dear friends, let me know what is beauty?. beauty is not only physical sturcture of a girl. the girls those brings fame to our country is called beautiful girls. ex. saina nehwal, p.t.usha, geetha sutshi, to some extent indira gandhi, cine girls may come and they will go surely. but these personalities is for ever in our mind. 


By : KK    coimbatore



What kind of question is this? beautiful gal are everywhere, just open your eyes. They don't come from just North or Bengal..they are everywhere. They can be and the colour of their skin varies. Light skin gals aren't always the most beautiful.  


By : queenstar    



i have lived in most parts of india and i have observed that girls from kashmir, himachal pradesh, punjab and haryana are one of the most beautiful girls in india reason is that out of 100 you will find 90 beautiful and in other states its vice versa the other reason is all of them belongs to aryan clan and that matters simple. 


By : VINEET RANA    shimla





By : DIV    



Please don't go by many of them are naturally beautiful??most of them look wired without make-up.

most of the actress in film industry might be from Delhi/Mumbai/Kerala/Bengal/Punjab etc etc...but it doesn't mean that the girls from other states are not good looking!!!

Every state has got a set of good looking people..if you would like to go by color, north girls definitely win over south girls and if you would like to go by features, south girls are blessed with good facial features!

Beautiful people are everywhere!!



By : kapil_r    India



no doubt assamese girls are beautiful..all are not awear that assamese girls are beautiful..if u ever been to assam then u realize is it true or not... 


By : rajesh from banglore    delhi



im a malayalee, but i like hindi actress than malayalam actress.. Especially kathrina, kajol, kareena, vidya balan, 


By : rijil    kannur



Hi nirmala ,
mind ur words ok nonsense. wat do u know about tamil girls . they r very tradional not like malayali girls ok . malayali girls had to learn many things from tamil girls. u told that tamil girls alwaz gossips now u only gossiping about tamil girls. Be careful 


By : Sri Dhanalakshmi    Coimbatore,India



hi BILLA..........
enna ajithku junior nu nenappa..
billanu peru vachrukka..
madurailla irunthukittu unaku northindians girls kakkutha.
tamilnadu ponnungalukku enna korachallu..
AMBAILA irunthukittu AMERICAVUKKU aasapadakudathu...
veena manasa pottu kolappikatha chinna thambi.....


By : vaishu    chennai








Poda vennai, nee tamil paiyana irunthukitu oru tamil ponnu pera sollama, en pinnadi alaiyariye... vekkama illai? 


By : Nayantara    chennai India



i m from karnataka kannadiga but i like bengali & Gujarti girls like riya sen,rani mukarji,my X girl friend Champa she is gujarati but recently i alone noone girl friend.  


By : Rafick    KARNATAKA



even me i am tamilian but tamil is tamil malayalam is malayalam not only trisha y u can find other girl most best girls  


By : kumar    india



girls from all the States in India. I find bengali girls are sexiest of all. 


By : Rajkumar    Delhi



Dress sense of girls from which state is best ? which is beautiful ?

i like kerala girls, their mundu is very beautiful.

go to kerala temples or any festival, they will be in sandal color saree, they will look like angels 


By : Deva    



Punjabi girls are pretty,smart and make good wives 


By : kabir    canada



Only Himachali girls r sexy n beautifull....... Preity jinta etc.....they lives in snow..... 


By : tarun    mumbai,maharashtra.india



use of Coconut oil in all food items and hair is the main reason for the beautiful look of kerala girls.


By :     



Photos of indian girls

Indian girls are also interested to do modeling, here you can get the details of indian girls 


By :     



There is no compare of woman frm northeast states..(nagaland, mizoram, sikkim etc) with rest of indians .. No matter some selectd bengalis punjabis are beautiful.. Bt 95% of northeast woman (except tripura n som parts of assam) are hot n sexy.. 


By : H kumar    Guwahati



Nanban ileana

Nanban Vijay
: Ilayathalapathy Vijay is playing the hero along with two young stars of tamil cinema Srikanth and Jeeva. Telugu actress Ileana is the heroine . Sathyaraj is also in the star cast with SJ Surya.


By :     




it is malayalee and bengalis.

amala paul and richa looking same, the only difference is

richa gangopadhyay looking compared to AP but both are beautiful. 


By :     



Kashmiri and Punjabis are the most beautiful girls in India. These two northern states has real Aryan peoples.  


By : amar    delhi india



i think it's all because of the coconut oil magic. because for hair they apply coconut oil and for food items also they will use coconut oil.

i am very much fan of the chips made of those oil, the smell is something great. which can't explain through words 


By : Ramesh    tamil nadu



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By :     



Bollywood actresses Ayesha Takia, Neha Dhupia and Kareena Kapoor announced that they are not at all interested to do item numbers after the Delhi incident.

Item numbers helped lot of actresses to be in lime light and some got chances in other movies through these item numbers.

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Kareena kapoor did item number songs for the movies Heroine, Ra.One and ‘Dabangg2’ 


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Kerala girls are Beautiful , always north Indian girls won the beauty contest.  


By : lkjh    dubai



Kerala girls are Beautiful , always north Indian girls won the beauty contest.  


By : ASDFG    dubai





By : prakash    navi mumbhi



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