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Minimum height required for modeling


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Minimum height required for modeling

Posted by :  mohd hammad , DELHI/INDIA


What is the Minimum height required for modeling ?

Replies to this Topic / News / Question :


if you are a male, it will be nice if you are 6 feet tall. so that you can ramp walk for tv commerical ads it's all depends on the ad film maker 


By : Suresh rachori    pune



you can be 5.10 no problem. how you look is more important. you should have the face cut body language and expressive eyes ( i will say it for male also ) 


By : Sumanth Issac    malad west



hello friend !

sachin tendulkar

mahendra singh dhoni

both appearing for tv ads. you might know their height difference. but both the people able to do. then why not you ? go ahead. boldness is more important for everything 


By : Saran Venkatesh    bangalore, karnataka



I think 5'10' and above height is required for man in modeling and 5'6' and above height is required for woman.  


By : Abhinav Sharma   



Fashion models : Girls to ramp walk - Min., 5.9 feet
Fashion models : Male to ramp walk - Min 6 feet 


By : John peter    paris france




minimum height 5.9" inch  


By : adnan zai    Delhi,new delhi,india



there is no boundation of height in modelling different companies have different requirements 


By : varun    delhi



i dont think there should be range in height of models, coz for modeling there is different type of roles so any one can be model if they have interest this my opinion. 


By : ziya    male' , maldives



well acc.. to me d minimum height woud b 5.5,as dere r much actors n models who r of that height n even shorter.dey not only act or pose but are exellent in their job.
eg. Rajpal yadav... 


By : namratpal singh    jalandhar





By : VIKAS  



well, im 16 and only 5.10. im jus starting to try to model and i just hope that my body and face are god enough to get into this buisness because i know i dont have the right height. 


By : Malcolm  

 Bowie, MD




By : ankit sharma    delhi



minimum hieght recquired for modelling is 150 cm ... bcoz those who are all too short will look too fat in most of the dresses and also in dark colour dress .... dresses having big design looks odd to those very short.. 


By : karthic kannan    chennai, tamilnadu , india



Minimum height required for ramp modelling is 5 ft 8 inches for females and 5 ft 11 inches for males. Apart from this for print modelling and commercials any height works fine since no one watches you live then.
Hope this answers the question.

Pratyush Kumar  


By : Pratyush  

 New Delhi,India


im so interested to become a model.
and when i read those reply..i feel happy cuz, i think there's chances for me. unluckily im too short..just about 5'2 and now i know that the qualifications is different between catwalk models and non-catwalk models.
gracias all..thanks for the info.


By : naina    malaysia



im so interested to become a model.
and when i read those reply..i feel happy cuz, i think there's chances for me. unluckily im too short..just about 5'2 and now i know that the qualifications is different between catwalk models and non-catwalk models.
gracias all..thanks for the info.


By : naina    malaysia



I think its def. 5'10 for males. I dont know about Runways but 5'10 is a good height for modeling. 5'10 and over.



By : thepersain1    Houston, Texas



yea no ques abt average height(5"9 to 5"11) shd b minimum required . but if d person hav lil more upto 6"3 den it ll b gud n person can get more chancs as comparison 2 oders 


By : jyot    punjab



Males- 5'11"
Females- 5'7" 


By : Sergio  

 Dublin, Ireland


hi, im pradeep, sdudying B.E., in coimbatore anna universtiy, like to modeling as part time. if u r in need of my photos plz mail to my email id. thank tou 


By : pradeep venkat    didigul, tamil nadu, india



The perfect body for modeling needs to look very atletic and tall. Not everybody could be a model without a perfec body size, so if you want to be a real model try to excercise you body a lot. 


By : cristian123    El Centro



The perfect body for modeling needs to look very atletic and tall. Not everybody could be a model without a perfec body size, so if you want to be a real model try to excercise you body a lot. 


By : cristian123    El Centro



just i want to confirm that for ramp modling hight 


By : GURDEEP    chandigarh



I turned 18 this year. I have a height of 5'10 only. I hope my looks are good enough to help me become a model. 


By : Adit    Trivandrum,Kerala.India



5 ft. 5 inches! is the min. 


By : twizzle0913    



I think it is 5'8". 


By : Bharat    Faridabad, Haryana, India



I am a tall girl age at 14 , sexy body,soft skin, very good in singing.......... 


By : LeaLyn    philippines



Ya atleast we need 150cm height for anything like modeling  


By : shamuel    Tamilnadu








Wanted to become an international model but my height s 5"9. wanted to know recquirements for a model.i am 20  


By : hasan.rizvi88    chandigarh



The minimum height required for modelling should be around 5'5 feet for girls and 5'10 for boys. 


By : Karan Chandna    



minimum height in modeling is a 5ft 10 in. ohterwise he is not perfect in modeling. 


By : VIMAL  

 Rajkot, Gujarat, India.







well its the attitude and style which matters a lot.
height reqd for ramp begins from 5.9 feet
n for print ads or tv i can be 5.7 feet also .
karan chhabra{5.9 feet} 


By : karan chhabra    mohali,punjab,india





By : SAGAR    bangalore



it must be 6 feet for male n 5.8 inc for female


By : kuldeep    lucknow,u.p&india





By : Vivekanand Parik    Hyderabad.A.P & India





By : Vivekanand Parik    Hyderabad.A.P & India








What is minimum height required for a male model ?


By : rinku    Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, India








my hight 5'8'',i m cool.i m gradute&23 years old boy 


By : AMLAN    Bangaore



i want to became a director... 


By : VIVEK    coimbatore





By : VIVEK    coimbatore



i want to know what is the minimum height required for modeling 


By : hemanth    dubai



i want to know what is the minimum height required for modeling 


By : hemanth    dubai



minimum height required to get in modelling profession 


By : jyoti panghal    faridabad,haryana,india








Males should be minimum 5-feet 9-inces and plus height for pursuing modelling career.



By : Sanjeev  



i never knew there was a such a thing as a height requirement in modeling if there is however that's not logical. 


By : Rakan Huneidi    hoover, alabama United states



are yaar jab aamir can be a model and actor by having a height of just 5'5" than minimum height acc. to me is 5'4.5" 


By : RaHuL    DELHI



abe height kya gaand me daalenge main to shakal chahiye 


By : raghav    pilani



My Self Vikrant Bhatia from Faridabad Sector-5 I'm also want to be aprt of Modelling Industry I want to do Modelling in these feilds {Print&Poster/Catalogue/Calender/Fitness&Swimsuit/Advertisiement&Commercial/Music videos& Album cover's}Modelling & my height is 5.9 inchs. About my work experince I'm participated in Mr faridabad 2006&2007 ,Participated in Gladrags MegaModel Manhunt2007,MrTeen India 07 semi-finalist&Done Print Ads foe Eye Telefilms Pvt Ltd.New Delhi[Lajpat Nagar}&Also Done Bhakti Shoot forMax Movies New Delhi{Mayauri}in Noida Sec-16A behind Film City&Done Commercial Photoshoot For Dipak Studio's N.I.T Faridabad. 


By : Vikrant bhatia    Faridabad{Haryana}/India





By : himanshu    india



Hi... this is Amaan and My Hight is 5.6" and I m too interested to become a model, you can see my profile.. and I think enough hight for walk to a Ramp 5.6" .After depend of compnies what they want.. Hope so ur question the answer.. 


By : Amaan    Manki, Karnataka, India



It should be minmum 6 feet to get success in modelling 


By : Vijendra Pandey    New Delhi, Delhi, India



what is the actual height for modelling?
becoz i want to join this field but don't have much information about it so please send me comlete details in my mail id. 


By : Shivalika    Delhi



Many person think that to become a model we have minimum 5.10' to 6.5' feet but it's not a compulsory,it's depend on our body or our looks & also our interest for modeling.If we think that i can become a great actor or model so we can do any thing for that & my friends belive me if we have confidence so we can do it.Just look Amir Khan,Salman Khan they are great actor,successful actor in thier life they have normal height like 5.6' to 5.9' feet but they are successful so we can't say that if u want to become model you have requier exact height 


By : Mehul    Bhiwandi



how to progress in the modeling carior.......?
what is the procedure of making modele....? 


By : ARUN    maharashtra



well am 5.11and 78 weight ..

I think min is 5.10 ... 


By : Fahad    Bangalore



I want to be a model 


By : mayank gupta    jabalpur, m.p.,india





By : Anand Rai    Bhopal,madhya pradesh , India



I am 5.10 wt 67 is it enough to become a model if u have good looks 


By : Vivek    Bangalore




It depends on what you are going to model on as there are various category(Runaway,Print,RAmp) where an individual can work provided they have look's attitude to match it but i would say a model atleast need to be 5'10 with a proportionate body to shine in the industry more the merrier .. But guys who are below that need not be discouraged as they can try out various other modelling like print,media but ramp show has to go out of the window with short height.



By : Abhishek Das    Pune





By : derftr    bgd








Hello Friends,
According to me good height is always an asset however other factors like facial value , attitude ,grace , positive attidue are other requisites . My height is 6 ft . I feel anything more than 5 10 may work .  


By : Johny Hans  



I'm pretty sure it's 5"5
I just hit 5"5..luckily
Correct me if I'm wrong about this 


By : Tyler    Sarnia Ontario Canada





By : kirans    surat,Gujarat,India



My name is Malik tariq mehmood age 26 years old.
Sex's Male
Hight 6 ft
Weight 66 kg
Resident Lahore Pakistan at this moment in Italy.
i like modeling,etc cat walk  


By : malik tariq mehmood    Lahore Pakistan



My name is Malik tariq mehmood age 26 years old.
Sex's Male
Hight 6 ft
Weight 66 kg
study from lahore
Resident Lahore Pakistan at this moment in Italy.
i like modeling,etc cat walk  


By : malik tariq mehmood    Lahore Pakistan





By : nisar khan    LAHORE





By : dy    delhi,india



hello frnz i'm 6ft6in...i'm doin my engg..i wud lik 2 do modelling as a der any chances... 


By : ratheesh    chennai,tamilnadu,india



hieght require for modeling 


By : RAJKIRAN    india



hello sir i am rahul & i have work in 2 marathi films so if you have any work then pls inform me con-9766135853 


By : rahul    nagpur,maharashtra india




no required hight for modeling 


By : Asharam gurjar    jaipur, rajasthan, india



am i be a model plz tell me only 


By : vishwajeet sharma    jharkhand .ranchi .india





By : pradeep    hyderabad



Hi my self vishu saini i have 6.1 feet hight nd a mascular body nd attractive parsanality m fit to moodaling nd m aslo a smart boy cal me dis no + waiting ur calss 


By : Vishu saini    Town nakur distk saharanpur uatter pardesh india





By : Priya    DELHI,INDIA



I Think For A Male It Must Be 6 Feet At least.  


By : Aamir Akber    karachi





By : ankushtr1    bhopal



hight for modeling 


By : jeet    



hello m saif studing in first year from rampur. i m with 5 feet 9 inches hieght, fair colour , long face look ,silky hair. 59 kg weight.  


By : sahibzada saifullah khan    rampur [u.p] india



my hight is 5.8


By : Pavan    City-Jalgaon,State-Maharashtra,Country-india



hiiii my hegiht 5,11 


By : sarwjeet kumar singh    New Delhi



Hi. I know it sounds so typical but yes I am one of those who also wants to do modellig and acting. Not everybody makes it nomatter how hard they try innit but nevertheless you have got to try hard and see for yourself. So that's what I'm going to do.
A little insight on me...I'm 18, a little short and a little light for my age. Ofcourse my dream is to bag a lead role first time but hey no betting that's going to happen right..
I love acting, dancing, modelling, singing and writng scripts,poetry,songs ,etc. I want to attend a school that is not going to mess me around and actyally take me somewere.I want to learn everything about acting, movies, and the film industry as well as making movies.
Any advice will help. Please tell me were your acting school is situated an durban and the quote on the fees. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


By : naazneen khan    south africa,



i think its about 5.8" to become a model yet im 5.6" and my age is about 17 and i have a hope that ill grow 2" .  


By : vishnu    india



In my opinion the minimum height for the modeling should be at least 5.8 feet 


By : SANJEEV    pune,maharatra,india



I am a male.....want to become an actor.....thats it that i can say....m lacking confidence.... 


By : Jaskaranvir Singh    Punjab



i m just 5"9.but want to become supermodel. can it possible 


By : sikandar rahi shaan    new delhi



actually my height is 5feet11 inch so i want to know my height is sufficient for modeling. 


By : dipanshu sharma    deihi india





By : ajay bucha    nagaon, assam &india



The maximam hieght is need for modeling is 5.4. 


By : M ASJAD SAEED    peshawar,pakistan



the minimum height is 5'8 


By : udayan    indore



I like modeling so plz tell me how hight for model 


By : RANVEER JASWAAL    delhi,new delhi,india








i think minimum height require in mo0delling is 5.8 


By : asim    lahore



minimum height 


By : PRASHANT KUMAR    moradabad,up,india





By : ANAS KHAN    india, mp,bhopal



What should be the min height for modeling. . . I m 23 years old 


By : Rocky Singh    Delhi



I think 5"8' is quiet enough. isn't it ??

to be frank am 5"8'... cummon its enough...

actually i honestly think that its the body structure whivh makes a person a MODEL because a person who is 6 foot tall may have a body structure similar to that of a drumstick.. or in other case the person could be 6 foot fat also...
hence in both the cases the body structure would be the worse...

what i am trying to reveal is that whatever your height is it doesn't completely deal with modeling...

modeling is all about your entire body structure... 


By : AMAL V S    Trivandrum.Kerela, India



colour ....very fair
height , 5,6
physics .... slim fit
eye colour . black
hair colour . black 


By : ashmeet     delhi, india



no ideaaaaaaaaa 


By : pallavi    kolkata,west bengal,india



for male models 6 feet will be good 


By : Antony k    New Jersey





By : ANUSHA    india



Am a new face, my field drss desgns 


By : Shameelrizwi    Malappuram,kerela, INDIA



Min Height required is 5'8 


By : Sandy    Bangalore



Minimum height should be 5'10".... 


By : shubham Gajbhiye    Indore,MP,India



requirment 3d maya modeling and texturing artist , photoshop 


By : sandip    pune



height should be more than 5.10 feet for a male model 


By : kabir malik    New Delhi



i think anyone above 5 feet can do a good job....... 


By : shyjith    





By : SIDDHI    mumbai maharashtra india



For Indian actors,I think 5'8 for males & 5'6 for females is the minimum required hieght for modelling. 


By : Amit Soni    Chennai,Tamilnadu,India



i m meraj husain .
i want to start my career in modelling but i dont know what are the requirements that makes a thriving career in this stream.Kindly assist me in achieving this dream 


By : Meraj    Lucknow.Uttar Pradesh













Here in the Philippines, 5'4 for females and 5'7 for males, but it depends on what type of modelling are you into. Usually in glam modelling, 5'4 is just enough,  


By : Pablo    Philippines





By : Monu    



5.6 and above... 


By : Monu    Asansol,West Bengal, India





By : priti    INDIA



how much height is required for ramp walk? 


By : Pravesh  

 faridabad, Haryana, India







I think the minimum should be 5.9 feet for both males and females. Because its all about what you do when you see flashing lights or when the stilettos hit the ramp.

Guys Im new here feel free to check my profile give me tips...I wont bite.haha.Thanks.  


By : Lesego    Rustenburg,South Africa



My height is 5'10"Aur ma modelling karna chata hu.Ramp modelling ma height requirement kya hai.start career to modelling information. 


By : sachin    India,Ghaziabad



It is not specified becoz height is an attractive feature for men but not mandatory.

As ramp models should matter about height according to personality but all you can be a good model without a great height it all about how u look stand alone:)



By : Willis    ahmedabad,gujarat,india



pz give me chance ing modling ya any work pz me call no. 8460111041 


By : soniya    rajkot (guj)



Hello I am 5ft 6 do I hav any chance in modelling,walking on ramps
Its been a dream for me
Thank you 


By : anna    united kingdom



Frm my point of view there should not b any height basis requirement only talent is required to do this profession 


By : Shubhajeet sarkar    Ranchi,jharkhand,india



i think you are asking about ramp walk models, i think female models should be above 5.9 and men above 6 then only they would be appealing to be a ramp walk model 


By : bharat    



male= 5'8"
female= 5'5"
u can do ramp walk with this,

If participating in any modelling contest then

but the taller the better.. 


By : Rajat    Delhi





By : jhonict    



it will be good to see
Models in delhi photos of the male models available. why not female models child models photographs can be placed here ? i am waiting to see fresh female models photos. 


By :     



Female models photos can also be placed here 


By :     



Miami TV - Girls Models

Swimsuit female models - girls photos with latest bikini models

Kingfisher Calendar Girl 2012 photos
Brazilian-Indian model Nathalia Pinheiro
hot and sexy models 


By :     



I DON'T think height is a problem, but it would be good if the height is tall 


By :     



all modeling girls should be above 5.7 5.8 and modeling boys should be 6 and above.

for child models i don't think there is no height restrictions as it depends on the tv commercials 


By :     



In my view one should be smart, handsome & energetic. Hight must be preferred if going for any AD specifically. Rock on with full energy. 


By : Bhismaram mohapatra    Kendrapara, Orissa, India



Actually there should not be any min. Criteria for entering modelling industry...because there would be some role requiring that much of height in this if the guy has the required talent in has to be given one chance to prove himself..
But taking into recent consideration n heavy competition in this industry,it l be perfect to hav 160 cm min. Height..


By : Shailesh walkunde    Pimpri-chinchwad,maharashtra,india



For fashion ramp walk female models have to be 5.8" or above of and dat is for males is 6.0" or case of exception females cn be 5.6" nd males cn be 5.9"..if u r dat confident and u realy do have dat quality..i hav seen models being 5.4" also..its jst al abt confidence,body language and da spark in ur eyes..and if u dnt hav dese stuffs a real gud height cnt only help..and ppl being shorter dan da required height cn go 4 commercial modeling or othr modeling modeling z nt da nly jst go 4 it,doznt matr how u luk its jst abt hw u carry urself...da world z nt ova here urself... 


By : Dezzel    Bhubaneswar,Odisha,India



Miximum hight 5.7 to 6 feet is required for modeing long legs make atttraction and make diffrent from others. 


By : dattatray    Pune





By :     



i want to become a model. please give me the direction.... 


By : Rizwan    Gujrat





By : Akash rai    Dehradun








Well ,i think a height above 5.5 inches is ok but sometimes it never matters because their are a lot of advertisement for both catagories 


By : Shahnawaz choudhary    Jammu poonch j and k india



I am interesting modeling plz... give more details  


By : Neeraj Malik    sagar pur new delhi



I want to in modeling n.glamour industry 


By : kacchi Shahbaaz    mumbai mahim India





By : shreya     Surat,gujarat&India



what is the minimum height of a model


By : Swagata Adhikary    kolkata,West Bengal,India



Audition information for short height person ..minimum 5'5 


By : manish     Ahmedabad,gujarat & India



I am shubham class 12 . grm school in bareilly
my nike name is mR rIghT and I love girlfriend and I am 18 years old only I am sweet and cute boy  


By : Shubham     bareilly up in India



Um 5 7 m I eligible  


By : vivan ojha    kalyan maharashtra india



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