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pawan kalyan jalsa when releasing


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pawan kalyan jalsa when releasing

Posted by :  prabha ,†dubai


when is pawan kalyan's jalsa going to release. is ileana is the heroine ?

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jalsa would release on march 27th, but the overseas rights of the film as been sold for nearly 1.4 crores rupees, an ever high oversees rights for pawan film.

the reason is jalsa is having trivikram srinivas and pavan comibination that's why the rate for the film 


By : rajendra babu    hyderabad



Jalsa songs download is the hot one in the net by telugu pavan fans, devi sri prasad composed the music and the songs yet to be released but the title songs "Sa Ri Ga Ma Pa Da Ni..Karo Karo Jalsa" and another 3 full length songs of the film is out and everyone watching the songs. already big tamil film song also released on net before the audio release function. now the same happend in telugu too . i think this is not come out without the knowledge of the music director and director of the movie jalsa. 


By : nagendra babu    tirupati





By : vivek    hyd





By : seshu    ongole,Anshrapradesh&India



film release on march 27 


By : charan    chennai





By :     





By : chandu    vijayawada





By :     



Pawan Kalyan's Jalsa going to release in April, No 


By : RaghuMohan    HYderabad,A.P.India





By : narasimha    bangalore, karnataka india



this is a fan of power star pavan kalyan.
our film will be released on the date of the kushi film released. you can also listen the songs of jalsa from net which have been leaked.
totally 3 songs are leaked 


By : carthick    hyderabad



no comment.he is a honest man,don't like any heroin personally.pawan the one and only guy who doesn't like any heroin. 


By : santhu    bhimavaram,andhrapradesh,india



jalsa cinema pictures 


By : N MANI    vizag





By : rajendra    bangalore



when will pawans jalsa will realese 


By : satish    bangalore





By : bharath    hyd ap ind



jalsa....roXs soon.....



By : siva kishore reddy    andhra



the film wil b hit.... 


By : jack    hyderabad,andhrapradesh,india



pavan kalyan's jals going to release march 20th 2008

audio will feb 29th 


By : RAJU    banglore indian








march 1ST week 


By : surendra    chirala





By : suresh    bangalore





By :     



pawan kalyan anna is realese on 27 of march and audio on 29 of this month and illiana is the heroine to this film 


By : yedla.beem    suryapet,nalgonda(dist)



hello sir, how r u
where r u from 


By : chandra_mouli636    Andhra Pradesh








pavans audio relesing today and film relesing on 22ofmarch 


By : avinash    hyderabad,andhra pradesh/india



songs are simply superb a super hit songs and the movie will be a super hit one for pavan no doubt i confirm it . music review about the songs of jalsa is coming out and my lovely girl Ileana is there and i will watch the movie many times for ileana and for only ileana. fans of the heroine can support me 


By :     



Songs i like :

Lyrics : Sirivennela
Jalsa : Singers Baba Sehgal, Rita
My Heart Is Beating : Singer : Kay Kay
You & I : Singer - Devi Sri Prasad
Chalore Chalore Chal : Singer Ranjith

Jennifer Lopez : Singers : Benny, Priya ( Lyrics : Rama Sastry )

Gaallo Thelinattunde : Singers : Tippu, Gopika Poornima
( Lyrics : Bhaskar Bhatla )

Write good review about the music and the film. i am pavan fan 


By : sastri    hyderabad



PAWAN KALYAN garu will release this movie on the month of april last week. and ILEANA is the heroiene 


By : vinay    hyderabad india



im waiting for my favourate pavan gi ka kab release hotha hi 


By : RANJITH    hyderabad



Visit the web page of Rabinarayan
who is working as the VFX Coordinator for the Pavan
kalyan starring Telugu movie Jalsa


By : Admin    



nice to see the profile of the graphics designer, well this movie has created much hype among the audience. it might be due to kalyan but songs are not upto the mark and same stereo type. eventhough there is big cast and crew will it make the hit is big question. illeana has to lift the movie up, only her glamour photos make my eyes to watch the pics otherwise i won't


By : vinod    jolarpet



my fav hero pawankalyan i want like to act with him  


By : md.ekram uddin    chennai



my fav hero pawankalyan i want like to act with him when jalsa was relesing


By : md.ekram uddin    chennai



when pavan bhais movie relesing 


By : mahdmazher    chennai








Feb 29th is the release date of JALSA.......

Ramya Krishna is the heroine of JALSA 


By : alfa    Hyderabad



power star pawankalyan is my favourate
prakasam d.t


By : viswanadh.B    ongole,A.P,india



jalsa releasing date  


By : krishna    solapur



jalsa is releasing on 27th of march with ileyana as herione


By : nitish reddy    hyderabad,A.P.,india





By : siddharth    



Pawankalyan's jalsa Movie is releasing this Month(March) 28th
the Heroins Are Ileyana,Parvathi Melton & Kamalani Mukherjee 


By : ashwini    bangalore,Karnataka



Power Star .. Pavan Kalyan's Mega movie Jalsa Releasing on 28 Maarch all over world in 1000 Theatres .....  


By : Ashok.M    hyderabad, AndhraPradesh, India



jalsa realeased on march 28 any thing else 


By : pawan kalyan    bangalore (karnataka-native a.p)



march28.yes ileana is the heroine  


By : sai sudheer    visakhapatnam,andhrapradesh,india



march28.yes ileana is the heroine  


By : sai sudheer    visakhapatnam,andhrapradesh,india



Cinema will be release on March 28 th and Iliyana is th eherioine. 


By : chary    Kadapa





By : sdf    dfd



27 march relese date
heroine---rambha in first half, ravali in interval bang
roja in climax, on the whole movie jayasudha is the heroine 


By : lote    hyd



movie is releasing on 28th march 2008.ileana is the heroine 


By : saipranav    vizag,A.P.,india.





By : ss    ss



thank u all for the replies, what do you think about the film , will it be success or a great flop. more hype created for this movie. write your jalsa review 


By : prabha    dubai



it is relesing on 28 or 29 on this month. YES illeyan is the heroin 


By : venu    hyd



i need tickets plz pawan kalyan 


By : kishore    hyderabad





By : ajit    



jalsa releases on 27th of march hmmmm ileanaa heroine i know it because pavan is my uncle 


By : ajit    andhra pradesh



jalsa releases on 27th of march hmmmm ileanaa heroine i know it because pavan is my uncle 


By : ajit    andhra pradesh



i am pavan kalyan fan jalsa movi release date please 


By : gsomu    hyderabad





By : Sathya    Hyderabad,Andhra,INDIA



march 28th 


By : A SRINIVAS    vizag andhrapradesh india



releasing date 


By : venkatesh    bangalore,karnataka,india



when is jalsa will be releasing? 


By : sreedhar    hyderabad



when will jalsa film releasing date. pls send me a mail. 


By : raghu    hyderabad



jalsa hit to jalsa would be on march 27 songs are rocking pavan kalyan on trend outfits. ileeana is second to pavan
pavan is power power is kalyan


By : pmadhav    india



when the jalsa filme is releasing 


By : naresh    hyderabad in A.P



Film Will Be Released on 27th of March2008 n hope all pavan fans will njoy for one more trend setter film...All The Best Pavan Kalyan... :) 


By : Rajasekhar    Bangalore,India



when ever jalsa release damshure it will big hit no doubt.thats end 


By : jillu    singarayakonda prakasam dt, ap,india



jalsa relesing date 


By : suresh    bangalore



27th of march 


By : rana    hyd





By : kishoreg    hyderabad ,Andhra Pradesh



the film will hit the theatres on April 2nd, the delay is due to pending in graphics works. allu aravind also interested to release the film on 2nd of april to get big collection in theatres because of school holidays. is there is any facility available to purchase the ticket online 


By : uma    secunderabad



date of relising pavankalayan's movie jalsa iwant to no details about it and here the rumour is climax out so changing the it so the date is delay  


By : gowtham    vijayawada,andhrapradesh,INDIA



why its been postponed
i dont know 


By : maheshwar    hyderabad



ileana,parvathimelton,kamalini mukraji 


By : suvith    hyderabad



when the jalsa cinema is releasing  


By : jaitan    Hyderabad



i am a telugu speaking and living in delhi, i watch pavan kalyana and chiru films regularly, i am expecting the jalsa review here more friends write about the film and ileana etc., i hope this forum friends will write about review of jalsa as soon as the film release so that it will help to other film audience to go and watch the movie in theatres.

write your reviews 


By : surya narayanan    delhi








4th april 


By : rakesh    hyderabad



yes she is the heroien 


By : hari    hyderabad





By : chaithanya    vijayawada



hhhiiiiiiiiii..............jals songs is super hit 


By : chaithanya    vijayawada



its on 2nd april........ and iliana and prvati melton are the heroines. 


By : PRASAD    visakhapatnam





By :     



power star kalyan fans waiting for the first review of the film and i am also as a fan awiting the release and reviews about the movie. ileyana stills are amazing to watch, i like to watch the movie on the first day first show ! will i able ? i am from anantpur and currently in hyderabad, friends let me know the theatres where the film going to release.  


By : sarath chandar    anantpur



on april 2nd  


By : veerendra    india,andhrapradesh



jalsa is anyways going to be flop.Inspite of trivikram being the director,i am sure that mr.pawan kalyan will put his finger in direction.If it haoppens then it will be a huge disater. 


By : anil    hyderabad,AP,india



april 2nd yes iliyana heroine 


By : kiran    banglore



when is jalsa goin to release in bangalore 


By : suhaschegu    bangalore,karnataka,india






By : vivek vardhan    bangalore



on 2nd april 


By : veeru    karnataka



hi ....



By : santosh    hyderabad



super good movie 


By : Tayanna.v    india



i want releasing date i am fan of power star 


By : akhil    bangalore,karnataka & india



jalsa is relesing tomo..and i m not getting in which theaters it is released............


By : harsha     banglore,karnataka.



A radio jockey Sanjay (Pawan Kalyan), love guru solves love problems He helps his friend Sivaji and Kamlini in their love marriage . This brings in the villain kamiliniís father grudging against Sanjay.. He ultimately falls in love with a copís daughter Bhagyamati (Illiana) . Parvathi melton acts as a kabab mein hadhi , his/her best friend, protecting them from falling in love .. Naxalites kidnap bhagyamathi to take revenge from her Cop father Prakash raj. Sanjay has a background, a naxallite who comes out and surrenders because he no more likes the way of live of the jungles and naxal policies. He goes to the jungle and rescues Illiyana (bhagyamathi).

movie opening is good and kalyan is awesome in his acting , dancing , dialogs (itanu peru sanjay sahu roju ki 4 pegulu) and fights. the picturisation is very well done and music is already a big hit. there are good romantic scenes and the comedy is unmatchable.( lip kiss), Thanks to trivikram for well scripted story. the movie is a obvious hit as expected by the fans. the rating 4/5.  


By : mihir    melbourne



my review : Best movie by Pavan 


By : sathya praba    singapore



go for jalsa, a super entertain movie by pawan will surely be a blockbuster movie 


By : vindya    bangalore



the best film pawan kalyan, ileana, parvathi melton and kamilini are all beautiful girls, i like the movie jalsa, that's my review 


By : vishnu    hyderabad





By :     



Hi friends if it's helpful take it.

Bangalore jalsa showtimes

Pvr: Koramangala Classic Cinemas
Showtimes : 12:50 4:00 6:50 10:00pm

Movieland - Gandhinagar, Bangalore
Showtimes : 10:00am 1:15 4:30 7:30pm


By : vishnu    mangalore








no comments 


By : vamsee    





By :     



i want puli review 


By : vimal    hyderabad



Teen maar to b at box office. pawan has to wait for the release of kushigha 


By :     



Release date of

. The shadow
. Prince of Peach
. Gabbar Singh 


By :     



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