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Surya a No 1 star actor ! other's are just stars


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Surya a No 1 star actor ! other's are just stars

Posted by :  Shailesh ,аKerala


Actor Surya is not only an actor but also a star actor after sivaji and kamal hassan, this is true, because vijay is also doing commercial movies, surya also doing commercial movies but the difference is surya is a star actror but vijay is just a star .

hereafter we should compare surya with other stars, who are just doing same type of stories.

surya giving different type of movies.

Sillunu Oru Kaadhal
Vaaranam aayiram

upcoming movies

Rakta Charitra
Avan Ivan guest role
7aam Arivu
The Business Man

each and every movie here listed are commercial movies, but it is different in story and style. but vijay doing same type of movies.

so i like to give surya the no1 position in tamil industry

i saw the trailer of singam and it gives me the impression that this film will run for 100 days, anushka is a good pair to surya in this movie, no doubt.

waiting for the release of singam, i don't mind about the reviews about the movie, because i know even if people write - ve about the movie in the start, it will get pick up after sometime, after realizing the film.

well done surya, all the best, looking for different type of movies from you, because you are the one who can give that.

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Surya is a good actor he he can handel his acting and very decent. I like his acting,and more over Iam FAN of him in tamil industry.
"I just needed a chance to act with him once". 


By : shyamchitty    chittoor,andhra,India



surya is self made actor, eventhough is dad is an actor, first surya alias saravanan worked in a garment factory, only director vasanth brought him to the cine field through neruku neir

surya was just normal actor in the start, but after director bala's nandha become some what special, and worked hard and trained himself to give variety of movies like perazhagan, ghajini, etc.,

if you ask me to rate the top stars of this young generation , my ratings will be like this :

1. Surya

2. Vikram

3 Simbu - why > he is a great actor, but don't know why he not shining like others, have you seen vinnai thaandi varuvayaa ? then the answer is there. he need good directors to give success

4.jayam ravi

others are just after that, and there is one actor, ay he is last 


By : Vineshwaran    kodambakkam , chennai



after seeing Singam, i believe surya is the top 1,

singam is super surya, hari sir, you are giving hits after hits, how it is possible for you. what the magic you are having, there are some directors like perarsu , dharani, they gave hit movies , only 2 or 3, but hari sir, you are giving contionous blockbuster movies. well done,  


By : S Karthik    Udagamandalam,



yup....... u guys are absolutely correct.... surya is a awesome n superb actor.......... hope there will more romantic movies from him!!!!!!love u SURYA!!! 


By : Shruti    UK



Yes you are right.Eventhough its commercial and though they have more hero buildup scenes,he tries to perform well.Makes it real to 100%.sure he will fullfill the Kamal's place in few years in tamil industry. 


By : ArunPrakash    Chennai,TN,India



singam,ayan r oly hits for we cant consider him as one of good stars in tamil cinema.


By : mani    chennai



yes its true he's a star because he belongs from south....there acting skills are amazing but shatter some time. 


By : Amit Kadam    Pune,Maharashtra,India



vijay only top hero c in kavalkaran
su su su suraaaaa.................. 


By : suhail    city



not only that, he is also a good human being and a good friend to the society, by running the agaram foundation, he is good actor, good friend. best of luck 


By : vinay    chennai



Surya rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
It is the truth that surya is the superstar because when we take his flims we can see difference in his acting style,look,body ect.For a movie he completly changes to that role. 


By : anu    tvm,kerala,India



Suryava no. 1? Ha ha ha. Nice joke. Have you seen films of rajnikanth, kamal, thala ajith and vijay? Surya is better only. Not good or best. You know our thala Ajith should have acted ghajini. Our thala gave it to your Surya. From Then, Surya got name. Thats all. But Ajith is unstoppable. His billa still holds many records. Even superstar's sivaji cant beat billa. Number one star is Ajith. Number one dancer is Vijay. Most of all, number one music director is youth icon yuvan. 


By : VIVEK    Thiruttani, Tamilnadu



thank you 


By : lyes    walnut creek,ca united stats



I agree.SURYA IS THE UNIVERSAL SUPERSTAR.He can handle any role really superbly.Also he is a great son,bro,hus,dad and human being.All the best Surya for your carrier.i wish u all success.
By your biggest Fan Christine. 


By : Christine.    Alpy,Kerala,India



i do not accept thz. Bcz vijay is the real star actor.... 


By :     



singam ran for just 28days in salem arrs multiplex theatres,

In the audio release of singam wen hansraj saxena said that vettaikaran broke the collection record of ayan even surya fans out there clapped.
dont compare surya with vijay bcose surya is not even a star(no films ran more than 150)days but vijay is the mega star(man of long nning films). 


By : ghilli    kollam,kerala,india



surya have full of reputation not only in tamilnadu but also in andhra pradesh. 


By : adi    rjy,a.p



film after film karthi is improving his star status one step, surya should be cautious.

karthi the next super star 


By : Saroja K    chennai



This is wrong, you are comparing surya only with Vijay... In tamil so many talented actors are there even Vikram, arya, jeeva also great actors doing different roles in dr movies, i accept he did some great roles in ghajini, kaka kaka, nandha, varanam aayiram, pithamagan but nowadays he is not doing like that he is going into fully commercial line thats not a star actors line... In this field each one get top place for a period he is also in that period now that'll also change for sure.. But please don't add him in the list behind sivaji and kamal, they are all in the top of everest but he is just born baby he has to go miles to reach theirs place... As a matter of fact i'm a hardcore Kamal fan that why i got emotion sorry sailesh... 


By : vijay    trivandrum, kerala



Yes surya is one of the top most actor not only famour in tamilnadu other states persons also likes surya but vijay no one like because he dont know how to act in the film he must learn acting then only he act any film and dr vijay gave some blokbuster movies like atm,villu,vettaikaran,sura

vijay acted 50 movies

surya acted 25 movies only but he get good will even in foriegn countries also no one like vijay in foriegn countries 


By : suresh b    chennai





By : RAVI    



Even though everyone gives the top rating for heroes.@@@@евд according to kollywood MGR , SHIVAGI and RAJINI, KAMAL and AJITH,VIJAY 


By : Krishna    Coimbatore



Vikram is also a star. And Vikram acts much better than surya.
though i like surya. 


By : sankaer    



we all tamil films show clear vedio  


By : ayyamperumal    erode,tamilnadu,india



ur correct he is doing different role,but even cant come like vijay,vijay is the all rounder u see he can dance, he can sing, he can fight, he can do sentimental role even but surya even cant dance also, even though 6 years chilhood to 60 years old guys love him but for nobody, only some, even vijay have flop movies but, he is the directers favourite, and chilhoods favourite, after super star rajni, he have more fans in tamilnadu, even in keralA, AND EVEN IN SRILANKA HE HAVE MORE FANS,SO HE IS THE NEXT SUPER STAR, NOBODY CANT TOUCH HIM , 


By : fazil    srilanka



surya is an actor who just arrived to the top position in avery short period of time... the things behind his surcess is his courage to try diffrent roles and no one does which was once shown by none other than sharukh khan in daar... every one was approached for the negative role in daar but no one dared to do that as they all feared that it may reverse the effect.. byt sharukh came forward for that and dii it such a way that it made a feeling in the audience that he is the hero as he was doing a negative role he was called as an anti hero in the industry for the first time.. like this while actor vijay does not look for new scripts and changes and is lagging behind old themes made his fall to the greatest.. in suryas filim we can notice that for each and every thing there is some orginality... which is hard to see in this time...he not only robbed the hearet of many youngsters but he too did for all the types of people.. its only possible for himk.. examples are varanam ayiram , ghajni, sillanu oru kadal the mean time it is also to be noted that he is not a part of any conterversies..he is a good family man too.. no doubt he is the no one in industry 





hey don't tell surya is the original superstar there are many superstars are there in tollywood but our original superstar is RAJANIKANTH HE is not only superstar in tamilnadu all over india superstar
surya also super star only but dont tell others are chumma

see the list of superstars


ther are so many superstars why u also superstar only men  


By : JESUDASS    bangalore,karnataka,india



hey don't tell surya is the original superstar there are many superstars are there in tollywood but our original superstar is RAJANIKANTH HE is not only superstar in tamilnadu all over india superstar
surya also super star only but dont tell others are chumma

see the list of superstars


ther are so many superstars why u also superstar only men  


By : JESUDASS    bangalore,karnataka,india



i am surya fan till my death....................! 


By : shanansurya    calicut,kerala,india



hey are u fools

u r saying surya is the no 1 star actor .I do not agree with it. According 2 u he is the best but according 2 the world only vijay,rajini,kamal hassan is the best. Is there any doubt 4 u? T hough he is doing character roles his film singam revolves around the same theme. Example : singam . taking a film in village and having an opening song 3 duet song one sentiment song is the formula 4 him . Ghajini is basically a hollywood movie . He is an average in dance and his style of dance doesn't looks nice and in singam he copys vijay in dance.
and most important thing , he looks very short and the directors r hiding it in the movie. losing weight is very difficult thing but it is not acting .In vaaranam aayiram he looks like a student . Can he lose some more weight and become a baby. so now on stop commenting on actors and carry on with ur future. 


By : padma priya    chennai,tamilnadu,India



Surya is a actor only. K 


By : Jayabal    Coimbatore



I dont think that surya is a star actor.the only thing he got rise is bcoz of the story of the film he takes.his acting is not good coz he cannot do a comedy role.also he cant dance well  


By : Anil    Mangalore,karntk,india



SFC-surya fans club of trivandrum & thanjavur . I am Surya brother karthi fan of paruthi veeran, paiya,ayirathil oruvan,nan mahan alla ,chiruthai reason same surya face& voice congrads for all flims and surya+karthi flim coming soon
thanks for read this message
my web id  


By : Mohamed nipras sfc-surya fans club    Tvm,kerala,india



my answer will be mr.surya.he is perfect man who is humble,down to earth, and very good person.his acting is also very good. 


By : sai    chennai,tamil nadu,india



Hey no surya not difrent story vijay had difrent story
1.velayutham (action)
2.nanban(clg life)
3.pagalavan(agri story)
4.kannabiran (love ) so mind it ok. Vijay is super star proof soon..... 


By : Thiru    Salem,tamilnadu



hey man, surya is the best hero yaa  


By : josh    kerala



it's true........surya is de best!! 


By : nysha    malaysia



Surya is one of the best actor in tamil film industry after rajini and kamal.after seeing pithamagan,ghajini i really think wave surya you are really super and mass hero compare to vijay and ajith,vijay and ajith gave more flopped movies so this both members are very special for giving the flopping movies,now 7aam arivu become a good film compare to enthiran so rajini sir 


By : prabhakaran.    tirupur,tamilnadu,india



7am arivu review

Surya playing 3 roles, a monk named Bodhidharma, a young man and a circus aritst in 7aam arivu film. 7aam arivu stills are also available


By :     



yes i agree surya is tha actor in tamil


By : jamaldeen    tamilnadu



realy i lik surya he was the one and only best actor in the world


By : akshay.s    udupi india



this is the best comedy of the year 


By : vijay parthi    



when singam 2 to release ? surya is great actor.

what is the next film of surya ? can you post latest stills of surya ? 


By : Rajendran    



surya flim is he is not a no.1 actor in cinema field 


By : sankar    erode



3.ilayathalapathi vijay
4.thala aijth

is the order of tamil cinema 


By : Vignesh    Villupuram








How to get anchor job in soon? 


By : Lidiya.M    Krishnagiri,Tamilnadu,India



Surya to do films with Lingusamy and Venkat prabhu.

Lingusamy's film is in production stage and Venkat prabhu's movie announced and in pre production stage.

Lingusamy direct and produce the movie. Samantha playing opposite Suriya. Yuvan shankar raja music and Santhosh sivan camera. Prakash raj, Sathyan in the star cast, Actress Sana khan denied to do an item number as she is concentrating more on bollywood. Sana khan's film Jai Ho with Salman khan in lead is to release on January 2014.

As per the latest news, cameraman Santosh Sivan to use 'Red Dragon Digital' camera to shoot the movie. Producer 'Thirrupathy Brothers ' announced that Kollywood is step ahead of Hollywood by using this camera for the first time in the world to shoot a film. Film's first look photos and stills awaited by fans.



By : Mod    



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