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Watch Engey Brahmanan - Cho's TV serial


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Watch Engey Brahmanan - Cho's TV serial

Posted by :  Subramaniya , Pondy


Cho's Engey Brahmanan was one of the best writings by Cho. It came in Thuglak magazine for a very long time, now the story is coming as mega Serial in Jaya TV.

Engey brahmanan tv serial started in Jaya TV from FEB 1st. Cho will give his view about Manu smrithi, Vedam, upanishad and other related items.

The title song and the veda gosham is very good. and the explanation of the vedha gosham by cho was simply superb.

continue your service.

The serial is running in Jaya TV from monday to friday 8.00 pm to 8.30 pm.

Replies to this Topic / News / Question :


a good effort 


By : Chandrasekar Gopalan    Washington DC



it's nice to see the serial. this week started with a limited set of character and some more characters are yet to be introduced.

some of the characters seen this week :

Vasumathi W/o nathan
Son of Nathan ( will be the hero of the story )
sambu sastrigal
Vembu sastrigal
Bhagavathar, his wife, first son, daughter-in-law and second son.

upto this weekend : feb 6th.

Nathan is an industraliast, his wife vasumathi is typical upper-class brahmin lady with all type of stylish and friends.
Their only son ( forgot the name of the boy ) speaks very little but with depth. It makes us feel that he is not a usual boy.

Another family , the man of the house is a atheist but his wife, his son and daughter having belief in god and other hindu rituals.

A judge, his daugther and second wife. The second wife treats the judge's daugther as her own and vice versa.

Another character is Bagavathar. he lives in Kanchipuram with his wife and second son, his first son living in trichy with his wife and 12th passed boy. The daugther-in-law not having good relationship with bagavathar and his wife.

Bagavathar's daughter-in-law pressurise bagavathar to seek the recommendation of nathan for an engineering college seat ( to her son ). Nathan accept the request for the bagavathar.

I have not read the story in thuglak magazine, but seeing the serial in jaya tv., very good effort and we should thank mr.cho ramaswamy for this . i hope he will clear lot of doubts through this serial and through his views in-between the serial.



By : Janani S    Perambur, Chennai





By : lol    us



i want to view this serial online . please help me iam staying in hyderabad no jaya tv. please provide some weblinks 


By : venkat    hyderabad



"Engay Brahmanan" serial is a must-see for all Hindus. Cho's brilliant explanations, Venkat's wonderful direction and the actors' contributions all have made this serial worth a watch regularly.

Very timely serial, after a long time.

Good Luck to Cho, Venkat, Nani, Neelu and other members of the team for greater glory, and special thanks to Jaya TV. I am sure this serial should be on Top of TRP ratings.




By : D. Chandramouli    jakarta, indonesia





By : Raghuvaidehi    Chennai TN India





By : srividhya    chennai india



to watch engae brahamanan


By : srividhya    chennai india



nearly 80 episodes over, one of the best serial to watch, nalini, delhi kumar acting is good, kuili doing some over acting when it comes brahmanical style of speech, she should learn the style first. cho is a best writer in tamil, and with full of knowledge . i can tell this is the only mega serial in tamil which is useful, knowledgeable, entertaining.

so friends from 10's to 90's don't miss this great serial.

if you are in 10, 20, 30 you can make your life in good way.
if you are in 40,50,60, you can atleast try to change your way of life.
if you are in 70,80,90 you can concentrate on spritual and real hindu philosophies. 


By : sudha    villupuram





By : SRIKANTH.O.R.N.    Chennai





By :     



I Like the Serial Very much Particularly CHO speech It Said some Moral values which we forget to follow it was retrieved by Mr.Cho  


By : N.NS.Ramanan    Madurai Tamil Nadu India



Does anybody know why the serial Engey Brahmanan has stopped abruptly? It was the one and only serial making sense and we enjoyed watching it with all members of the family - a rarity these days.
Would love to get it back on our television set. 


By : amirtha    Chennai



may be from some associations. it will be hard to accept a reality, cho telling the truth, it will not be acceptable for some so called "brahmins" 


By : Ram    tamilnadu



please job wantedin photoshop graphics designer ex 2.6years 


By : elancheliyan    chennai



Enge Brahmanan Part 2 starting this week, monday - thursday 8 pm on jaya tv.

first part was very short, i request Mr.Cho to telecast this serial for a long time with full details.

some useless serials running on tv channels for more than 6 years, but enge brahmanan part 1 was ended very soon.

mr. cho is a genius and unbiased person. so, everyone eagerly awaiting the serial.

my best wishes for the part II



By : Raghu K    chennai



It was an Nice programme that I have never seen such serial in serial.

Mr Cho's speech is very Impresive to every One. I have learned lot of spirtial values through Cho's speech. I must not forgot to see the drama when I free because I am working in BPO sector.

I have requested to Mr. Cho, Is it possible for an CD in Enga Brahmanan, in order to purchase.

Jai Sankar M 


By : Jai Sabkar    Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



I have been seeing the 2nd edition of "Engae Brahmanan" when i come home early. It is an excellent show. I would like to know if there are any CD's available - including the 1st edition.

please let me know immediately.

Thanks & Regards

Bala.Murali Krishna 


By : Bala Murali Krishna    Chennai, Tamilnadu, India



Enge brahmanan part 2 is over, ashok (vasishtar) gone back to kailasam, at this point the part 2 of the serial is over.

cho sir, this serial is the only good tv serial, please continue it. i am watching the serial not for the story, but for your definitions about various topics. please start the
enge brahmanan part 3 or do some other serial with your defintion about hindu epics and other mythological stories 


By : R Savitiri    chennai



when will be the 3rd part will start, our family watching the serial. i don't know why they discontinued the part 2 suddenly 


By : savithri    thillai nagar



cho sir, please come again , eventhough i am not expecting a sequel to engey brahmanan i want some serials based on mythologies and sastrams, so that people can get some knowledge about these rituals. 


By :     



i am viewing the re-telecast of engey brahmanan serial on jaya tv at 12.30 pm, really a good one , cho sir should continue this type of serials to educate the unknown young people 


By : K Sreenivasan    Chennai



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