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Why Makkal TV telecasting controversial serials - Marakka Mudiyumaa ( new ), Santhana Kaadu


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Why Makkal TV telecasting controversial serials - Marakka Mudiyumaa ( new ), Santhana Kaadu

Posted by :  Ram , TN


Makkal TV giving quality programmes while comparing to other tv channels, i accept it without any hesitation. they are also trying to voice only in Tamil. That's good.

Makkal TV telecast the story about forest brigand veerapan as "Santhana Kaadu" ( means sandal forest), they gave the original end and also a controversial end, two type of climax scenes. Veerapan's wife Muthulaksmi first opposed it then she gave permission. ( After the end of the serial she is saying that the story is not properly shown and she is going to make a new film about veerapan with director ram gopal varma ). In the serial they showed the positive side of veerapan, but the team not shown the -ve side of the man.

Now, Makkal TV going to air "Marakka Mudiyumaa" a new serial about the Makkal thalaivar MGR - M.R.Radha clashes. this is going to be aired soon. Atleast, whether they will give the +ve and -ve of both men ?

My question is why makkal tv telecasting these type of serials ?

Whether these type of serials is to attract the audience ?

Are you watched Santhana Kaadu and will you watch Marakka Mudiyumaa serial ?

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that's why you are seeing the serial, they are earning money 


By : Suresh Pandi    Karumathur



they are not telling us the stories of jawans like Manekshaw who helped for the victory of our nation, but airing the serials about veerapan, auto shankar etc., ( naatuku romba mukhiyam ).

tv channels should have social responsibility.

i suggest the channels to telecast the life histories of our leaders like :

Veerapandiya kattabomman
Veera Vaanchinathan
Subramania bharathiar
Vaa Voo Chidambaram pillai
Theerar Sathyamoorthy
Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar
Vaidyanatha iyer
Maruthu Pandiyar
Subramaniya Siva
Velu Nachiar

and others. so the younger generations will be able to know the sacrifice by our leaders to make this country independent.

Sun TV, Vijay TV, Jaya TV should do these serials because they are only having the majority viewership. Atleast vijay tv should do this because they are always giving different type of programmes.



By : ramesh    



yes of course.....i will  


By :     



all here r biased bit**..

everybody will talk about the so-called heroes..
but who will talk and register the history about the so called villans. who are all acted behind them.what will be reason for their manipulations?

makkal serials revels those things may be up to some extent. 


By :     



i think someone from makkal tv is watching this thread because they are going to telecast a new programme about the freedom fighters of india. it's not going to be a drama like Marakamudiyuma January 12 1967, but a bunch of documentary films about our great leaders.

the programme title is "Kaalam" will start telecast from Independence day August 15th.

Congrats Makkal TV, this shows that you are different from other regular channels airing only cinema based programmes and "azhumoonchi serials". thanks. keep on going.....


By : Vishnu Shankar    Bangalore



i watch this MGR - M.R.RADHA serial daily from monday to friday. i born in 77 so i don't know what really happened. after seeing this serial it's makes me to think differently . especially the 18th aug episode made me to think that something happend on jan 12 1967. "ennavo maraika patirukirathu". only mgr, radha and the film producer vasu and the God will know the truth. 


By : ramesh    tn



I have been watching the "Thodar"marakka mudiyuma. Its totally nonsense. After 40 years what are they trying to say...Was M.R.radha saint and MGR bad...Everybody knows that this M.R.radha was a villian in real life too... Better the other channels start "Thodar" and show the real face of some tree cut leaders who are acting as savoiurs of tamil and thier children themselves doesnt know tamil. First, these type of political S's real face to be brought in front of public... These type of leaders will make kootani with any rubbish party and break whenever thier needs are not fulfilled. However, MGR was truly loving tamil and tamil people from his heart and never behaved like this... Generally this makkal tv is not even watched by 0.05 tamil population, but now nobody is going to watch...  





anand you r right. i watched the vijay tv koffee with anu program, the guest was anbumani ramadoss and his wife. he spoked mostly in english and tamil here and there. but as i judge he is geninue and not interested to put "Vesham". he is good man.

makkal telecast this serial because to give some new message to the new young generation which don't know about the incident. 


By : shyamala    malaysia



sandhana kaadu s an excellant serial..... my thought s,.... since the things shown are true only they can able to continue it... otherwise definitely the corresponding officers will put case to stop that serial..... also if u watched it means u can see that at the end of the serail the peoples who are lived near veerapan and the peoples who are said to be affected by the officers have given lot of true stories about the trouble that they have faced there.... so i believe it 100%.... 


By : Engr. G    chennai



i watched both the serials when i used cable connection, now in tata sky dth i can't able to see makkal tv., anyhow, that is the only tv channel in tamil trying to give programmes in tamil, others are just tanglish 


By : sakthi    madurai



paris france. 


By : santhy55    



paris france. 


By : santhy55    





By : ashok    chennai,tn,ind



I love to watch Makkal tv ''You are the only one Tamilan Network of all time in the WORLD'' you are the best of the best....hopefully we can watch online streaming all your programme. Pls sir can i have your online web side.....Thank you...Tamilan Vallgaahh.... 


By : Paramasevam Sinniah    Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Malaysia



Verrapan is from vanniyar caste. does it ring a bell. Yes the whole caste fanatic bunch of PMK, Makkal tv is grows on it. and about kattaboman he was born in a telugu speaking community which settled during vijyanagar empire but lived a true tamilan. they wont recoganize his sacrifice. they are full of caste and lingual fanatics. and mere thought about just makes me hate their good programes too. 


By : SANAND    



They dont even do any programmes on Perriyar one because he was against caste, next even though the father of dravidan politics for them he was born in a kanadam speaking community but a true tamilan which came to tn 300-400 years for silk buisness. And a MGR u know he was an actor and he is a malayali. if u want any programe on any great person first they should be vanniyar(from any language) next their community should be living in tamil nadu even before tamil language orginated. 


By : SANAND    





By : prgash    



every thing have both
+ve and -ve
north pole and south pole

there is no +ve only

there are some history have been hidden
through education and other things

with the help of these serial we can find out who is
best , knowledge, well educated leader.



By : prgash    puducherry



i am having tata sky dth service, but i can't see makal tv channel. how to get this channel in tata sky dth service. 


By : sudha    



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